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Easier, faster DA lodgement as Council moves to online portal

Submitting a development application (DA) will soon be simpler and faster, with Port Stephens Council moving all applications to the NSW Planning Portal.


The NSW Planning Portal is an online platform where the community, industry and government can work together on a single digital platform to support effective planning and decision making.

The portal is now open for customers to lodge DAs and will be made mandatory from 31 December 2020, as part of the NSW Government requirement.

Development Assessment and Compliance Section Manager Kate Drinan said the change will provide a consistent, more accessible and faster approach to lodging a DA.

“The portal provides the community with a consistent process across the whole of NSW, streamlining the process for all.

“All development applications, complying development certificates and construction, subdivision and occupation certificates, as well as appointment of Council as a private certifier can be submitted through the online portal anywhere, anytime.

“Once registered, users can view, manage, track and progress applications online via their user dashboard.

“They will also be able to submit documents and be notified when decisions have been made. From 31 December, all development-related applications and post consent certificates must be now submitted to Council online through the NSW Planning Portal.

These include:

  • Development Applications

  • Section 4.55 Modification Applications

  • Complying Development Certificates

  • Construction Certificates

  • Occupation Certificates

  • Subdivision Certificates

  • Appointments of Council as a Private Certifier

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