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Von Essen Holdings Pty Limited, trading as Two Tribes Media (TTM) prides itself on editorial integrity, fair, ethical and balanced reporting. We take complaints and feedback seriously and seek to find a satisfactory resolution to any legitimate complaint from any of our clients and/or readers. Likewise, we respectfully accept all feedback from our readers and advertisers.


TTM strive to provide high quality, ethical and valuable information services to the local communities in which we operate, and in doing so, endeavours to remain impartial regarding any editorial content or story and follow a close series of editorial guidelines and policies.  

Editorial guidelines and policies can be viewed at Editorial Guidelines & Code of Conduct


These editorial guidelines reflect a commitment to providing quality content and upholding journalism’s highest principles including accuracy and clarity; fairness and balance; privacy and avoidance of harm; accountability, integrity and transparency.


Should you feel we have not adhered to our policies or other reasonable community norms, we welcome your enquiry or complaint.



TTM is committed to providing clients and readers with respect, courtesy and providing a professional level of service by:

  • Listening and asking questions so that we understand your needs and expectations.

  • Being accountable for the actions we agree upon to resolve your complaint with us.


Purpose of This Policy  

The purpose of this policy is:

  • To ensure that we handle customer grievances and complaints professionally, fairly, efficiently, effectively and promptly; and

  • To ensure this policy provides guidance to our employees who may handle such complaints and to those people who wish to make a complaint or provide feedback.


Editorial Complaints

Anyone with a complaint about content in the print or digital versions of intouch Magazine or on the intouch Magazine website is asked to contact the Managing Editor at

  • Please provide a link to the material if it was published online;

  • If the complaint is concerning one of our printed products, please provide the publication title, date, page and headline and any other documents that will help us assess your complaint;

  • Please also describe the nature of your complaint.

  • All complaints received are reviewed by the Managing Editor and if required, discussed with the relevant journalist and other appropriate staff members.


Privacy Complaints

  • TTM is committed to ensuring the privacy and security of all personal information collected from our clients or readers. Our Privacy Policy is published at   

  • If your complaint is regarding the privacy of your personal information, you may direct your concerns in writing to


Assessment of Complaints

  • Our complaints handling process is transparent.

  • The reasonableness or otherwise of a complaint will be assessed against our Editorial Guidelines and Code of Conduct which upholds a commitment to the principles of accuracy and clarity; fairness and balance; privacy and avoidance of harm; integrity and transparency.

  • Complaints that clearly indicate a breach of these standards will be resolved as a matter of priority.

  • If the issue is complex, we will inform you of the need for additional time to reach a resolution and regularly update you on progress.

  • Any personal information collected during this process will be treated in strictest confidence


Resolution of Complaints

  • We aim to acknowledge your complaint and respond within 48 hours of receipt.  

  • If we accept a complaint is valid, we will resolve any issues surrounding a complaint to the best of our ability within five business days of receiving all the necessary information concerning the complaint.

  • As soon as both parties are satisfied with how to resolve the issue arising from the complaint, we will take the required action. This may include the publication of an apology or correction in the next printed edition or immediately if it is an online complaint.

  • All complainants will be treated fairly, courteously and with respect.

  • Any complaints received in an offensive or abusive manner will be disregarded.

  • If at any stage during the complaint handling process, we do not hear back from you within ten business days, your complaint will be considered resolved and closed.


Complaints Appeal Process


How to Make A Complaint

  • Should you have a complaint about any editorial content in our publications and/or digital services that we control, we ask that you contact us immediately and directly – providing us with the opportunity to rectify the matter as quickly as possible. Please call 02 4943 0888 or 02 4943 2888 during office hours to discuss any grievance with us directly.

  • All complaints will be directed to the Managing Editor

  • By email:  You may email your issue to

  • By mail:  Our postal address is PO Box 165 Charlestown, NSW, 2290

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