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Helping you get back into action faster!

The relationship between ageing, playing sport and managing injuries is nothing new. Let's face it - avoiding the effects of life’s wear and tear on our bodies simply cannot be avoided and the same can be said for many of today's sports activities.

This is where physiotherapy is highly recommended as a healing procedure, where a combination of exercises and massage is used as treatment.

Apart from injury and general ''wear and tear'', physiotherapy can also treat or prevent physical problems that might be brewing as a result of years of poor posture or sitting badly, and is invaluable for anyone with a specific health poblem such as back and/or neck pain, arthritis, heart disease breathing problems, repetitive strain injury and many other conditions including osteoporosis.

If you are really serious about improving your mobility or mending your sports injury, then the physio team at Action Physiotherapy have all the skills, experience and know how to give you the edge.

Based in Hamilton South, Action Physiotherapy offers a "hands on" approach to injury management and post-operative care by providing a comprehensive range of physiotherapy services for all ages using treatment techniques that are based on proven scientific reseach and clinical experience. Some of the key techniques utilised include gentle joint mobilisation and soft tissue techniques, massage, stretching exercises, strengthening exercises, postural advice and many more.

At Action Physiotherapy, their goal is to enhance rapid recovery and aid in the prevention of further injury so apart from assisting you to recover from your painful injury, their highly trained and experienced practitioners can offer valuable suggestions on more effective ways to increase performance, and remain free of injury.

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