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International Flavour!

Spanish olives. Italian pasta. South African Biltong. Russian Caviar. Turkish delight in a huge range of flavours, Swiss chocolates and Pop Tarts, and that is only scratching the surface of the thousands of imported foods from over 60 countries you’ll find at Bibina.

For ex-pats and migrants it’s a treasure-trove of the foods you love, that you grew up eating that you can’t find in Australian supermarkets. For Australians it’s a way to try international tastes without a long-haul flight.

The mix of international products at Bibina is extensive – from snack foods to soft drinks to spices to baked goods to chocolates to breakfast cereals to cheeses… from jars to cans to chilled and frozen foods.

Of particular note is Bibina's cheese room, which has a huge range of European, American and Australian cheeses, specially selected for quality, taste and value. Bibina sells them as whole imported wheels and blocks, or cut into smaller wedges.

The demand for quality chocolates grew over the years so much that Bibina now has a dedicated climate-controlled chocolate room with a huge range of local and imported chocolates, and even a range of dairy-free chocolates.



Bibina was founded by a Mediterranean family which sourced olives, olive oil, antipasto, pasta and many of the other foods Bibina is famous for.

Today Bibina stocks hundreds of different olive oils from all corners of the globe, Australian and imported olives, peppers, pasta, sausage, salami, anchovies, dressings and coffee. There are lots of imported cheeses from the region too including goat's cheese, offering a huge range of flavours and styles.

From the Southern side of the Med is North Africa and the Middle East, where Bibina’s enormous range of Turkish Delight, Baklava, Kourambiethes Shortbread and Turkish coffee all originated.



Foods from Poland, Germany, France, Spain and Britain all feature at Bibina. From French duck fat and Monin syrups to German pumpernickel, mustard and gruenkohl (green kale), Polish cucumbers, Polish sauerkraut, Russian liquorice, cheeses, biscuits and wafers, Dutch liquorice, Swiss chocolates… Bibina’s range of European foods is huge.



Bibina carries foods from Canada to Brazil, and everywhere in-between.

There’s Canadian and local maple syrups and Acai Superfood from Brazil.

The range of foods from the USA is huge – from breakfast cereals and Pop Tarts to American snack foods to corn chips to sauces and even canned pumpkin for pumpkin pie!

The American hot and barbecue sauces are incredibly popular, with sweet, mild, hot and ridiculous all in stock.

If you’re after ingredients for cooking American dishes head for Bibina where you’ll find lots of

American staples in cans, bags and frozen – even American liquid cheese.

Central and South Americans love their chilli, beans and corn chips, and Bibina stocks them all. With Bibina you can make South American dishes just like the locals, full of flavour and aroma.

Bibina also stocks frozen churros and packets of churro mix so you can make this delightful South American dessert easily at home, and lots of sauces to dip them in.



Sauces, rubs and of course South Africa Biltong are all available at Bibina. There’s also imported maize meal, South African pilchards and more.



Cooking Asian dishes – from the Far East to the sub-continent – is easy with Bibina. From noodles to sauces, mild to hot, sweet and savoury, Bibina has you covered with Ayam and Kikkomann just to mention a couple of brands.

There’s also a range of Japanese mayonnaise, noodles, rice and condiments at Bibina. In our frozen section we have Asian-style dumplings, spring rolls, dim sims, cooked dishes and chicken. Bibina’s range of different rice – organic, white, jasmine and more – and sizes is second to none.


Bibina is open six days per week and Thursday nights until 7pm, or you can call the friendly crew on 4954 6044 for more information about the huge range of imported, organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, lollies, chocolates, cheeses and other foods in stock.

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