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Kitty is Back!

Kitty Flanagan is one of Australia’s best known comedians.


She has played clubs and theatres all over the world and now tours Australia relentlessly, taking her award winning stand up shows to every arts centre and theatre around the country.

Kitty is a writer and performer and can be seen regularly on the comedy/quiz show, Have You Been Paying Attention? She is well known for her popular segments on The Project and The Weekly with Charlie Pickering as well as for playing the role of Rhonda, the annoying PR woman, on the award-winning series, Utopia. Kitty is currently writing, directing and starring in a new comedy series due to hit ABC screens in 2021.

Her best selling book 488 Rules for Life has won multiple awards and sold over 130,000 copies. Kitty lives in Melbourne with her cat Sarge. She also has two dogs so as to avoid the moniker of crazy cat lady. Her favourite food is soup, feel free to hit her up for a recipe any time.

Now, after a year at home drinking hand sanitiser and tonic, Kitty Flanagan is finally back on stage doing what (she thinks) she does best, solving the world’s problems. All of them. Get involved! Grab your tickets for one of two shows on 2+3 September at Civic Theatre, visit


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