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It’s No Longer Hypothetical... Geoffrey Robertson QC

Experience a provocative, insightful and witty evening with international human rights judge and barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC, 20 May at the Civic Theatre. Watch live as one of the world’s great minds challenges Australians and explains what is happening in and to the globe.


Renowned and respected worldwide for his work as a human rights barrister, academic, author and broadcaster and one of the world’s great minds, Geoffrey Robertson will take to the stage in an evening of thought and analysis as he

discusses some of the biggest issues of our time. He will discuss Brexit and Trump in a post-truth era and calls for Australia’s constitutional regeneration after the bushfires. He will explain what is really happening to the royal family and how fake news distorts democracy.

He will also explain what is happening to Julian Assange, how to stop the rich from inheriting the world, and the thinking behind his upcoming book Bad People – And How to Be Rid of Them. The show will give an insight into his life and famous cases and his crusade to restore cultural property from museums around the world to the people from whom it was stolen.

Geoffrey Robertson AO QC is a barrister, author and one-time host of “Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypotheticals” on the ABC. He is the founder and head of Doughty Street Chambers, now the largest human rights practice in Europe, where he has been a mentor to Amal Clooney, Jen Robinson, Keir Starmer and others.

This is an evening that is bound to provoke dinner table discussions and debate for many months to come. For more information, visit Tickets are available at


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