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Bring Home the Coastal Experience

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means – sun, sand and sea. But what if you could experience the best parts of summer all year round from the comfort of your own home?


If you love beachy styles and would like your living space to reflect that, the answer lies in creative interior styling. Coastal design is modern and fresh with light timbers, cool tones and tropical foliage that brings the essence of resort living right to your doorstep.

“The ideal coastal home is a blend of different features that come together to evoke the tranquil serenity of living by the sea,” says Sandra Gage, Group Interior Designer at Clarendon Homes. “It embraces a natural, calm, refreshing look and feel. The various elements to consider include colours, general finishes, joinery style, furnishings, texture and artwork, through to the final décor touches,” she adds.

Colour Palette. A distinctive feature of coastal design is the colour palette, which often comprises of cool pastel blue and teal accents against a backdrop of white, beige and light grey neutrals. Furnishing, floors and joinery in light hued timber are also a very popular choice. Lighter timbers like oak and birch provide a neutral backdrop for the rest of your décor while adding warmth. Another creative way to pull the look together and give it that extra pop of colour is tropical indoor foliage. Not only does some greenery enhance the overall colour profile of your interior, but it also adds an air of tranquility to the home. A great example of coastal décor can be found at Clarendon Homes’ Manning 31 display home in Lochinvar.

“A neutral colour palette consisting of whites, soft greys, sea greens, watery blues and oak timbers is a great place to start. This, combined with the abundance of natural light from large windows or sliding doors and sheer white curtains, further enhances the casual look,” says Sandra.

Materials. The materials you use to decorate your home can add contrast and textural richness to the space. For instance, natural materials such as wicker, rattan and jute are a wonderful way to introduce texture and elevate the warmth of the timber you have chosen to incorporate. White ceramics in the form of planters or decorative items add an earthy but opulent aesthetic. A beautiful blend of some of these complementary materials and textures can be seen at Clarendon’s Boston 37 display home in Forestville.

“Finishes have been kept organic and subtle in the Boston 37 display home, with everything from the floor tile, replicating a crushed shell look, through to the natural sandstone on the front façade,” says Sandra. “Elements of coastal design can also be seen in the kitchen where white v-groove cabinetry is mixed with natural oak and repeated in the Butler’s Pantry,” she adds.

Furnishing. When it comes to furnishings, lighter hues such as grey, beige and white can act as an elegant canvas for ocean-themed motifs. Apart from colour, however, there are a few other factors that play a crucial role in harmonising the overall look. For instance, coastal design typically aims to create an open and airy feel, and so the placement and alignment of your furniture is key. Look for streamlined pieces arranged to allow ample room for movement.

A great demonstration of this furnishing style can be found at Clarendon’s Stamford 38 display home in Warnervale, where the strategic arrangement of furnishings effortlessly achieves the coastal aesthetic, making it a space that exudes both relaxation and sophistication.

Décor. Sandra Gage, Group Interior Designer at Clarendon Homes says: “Texture plays an important part in Coastal interiors – think cane furniture, wicker feature lighting, sisal rugs, and what coastal home wouldn’t have a piece or two of coral on display?”

It’s the little details that give a space personality and impact. In keeping with the breezy ambience associated with coastal design, you can adorn your home with anything from small seashells and organic shapes to something a bit bolder like scalloped tile features or ocean-themed wallpaper.

Artwork is a great way to give your home the feeling of a luxury resort. Clarendon’s Boston 37 display home in Forestville for inspiring examples of creative coastal décor.

“The coastal theme takes centre stage at the Boston 37 in Forestville. Its style replicates a carefree, relaxed and summery feel, typical of the local Northern Beaches lifestyle. We’ve even got a surfboard hanging in one of the rooms to bolster the beachy aesthetic,” says Sandra.

Lifestyle Studio

The Clarendon Homes Lifestyle Studio gives you the opportunity to explore some of these features and visualise them in your own space. With the help of Clarendon’s experienced style consultants and partners, customers can choose all the exquisite fixtures and materials that will ensure they truly love coming home.

Located in Beresfield and Norwest, the Clarendon Homes Lifestyle Studios are open Monday to Friday 9 am to 5pm. The Norwest studio is also open on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm.

Phone: (02) 8850 9111

For more information, visit our website


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