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An Autumn Sanctuary to Reflect Your Personality

At Oz Design


If you love to decorate for the season, you’ll be pleased to know you can easily create your ideal Autumn sanctuary by injecting personality into your home with artwork, rugs, and statement pieces. This season is all about balance within your home décor, including choosing the right textures and colours to seamlessly transition your look alongside the changing weather. So this month, we asked the team at OZ Design to share their tips and tricks for styling homewares in your space to create the biggest impact and boost the aesthetic of your overall interior (all items can be seen in the image)….

The easiest way to accessorise your space is by adding a bold centrepiece to your dining table. Whether you choose an assortment of vases, sculptures, fruit bowls or candles, the possibilities are endless! At OZ Design, we love the look of our oversized Sia ceramic vases holding gorgeous, lush greenery to bring the outside in. This pop of colour creates the perfect contrast between the stark white of our Flinders round dining table and provides a sense of serenity by adding a natural element to the room. By simply choosing the right materials to balance your space, you can transform a dull look into a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and guests to all enjoy.

When it comes to choosing the right rug for your space, consider all the possible patterns and colours. Paired with neutral flooring, don’t be afraid to take some risks with your selection by considering floral designs, classic Persian-style rugs or a distinct geometric pattern like the one we’ve used here.

The right rug radiates luxury and can add softness and texture to your space, which makes it such an important piece in your home décor to ultimately ground your style. Switching out your rug can transform your room from summer to winter by using visual texture to cut through the hard surfaces of floorboards or tiles. In some cases with open plan homes, an oversized rug also has the ability to segregate areas such as the living and dining room spaces, making it an extremely useful piece when it comes to interior decorating.

For the finishing touches, accessorise your walls in style with gorgeous artwork. Choose art pieces that spark joy and are a reflection of your personal style to complement the space seamlessly.

Wall art catches your line of sight first when entering a room, so a rule of thumb is to set your framed prints at eye level or lean the piece against the wall for a more relaxed look. Between canvas or glass, portrait or landscape, and synthetic or natural frame, there is an abundance of options when searching for the right piece for your home.

Be confident and mix various types of prints to create dimension and interest, using them to either complement your existing style or introduce a loud statement into your space. This season we are inspired by coastal landscapes and foreign destinations – dare we say we are holiday dreaming.


Head to your local store or shop online to discover our huge collection of homewares ready for you to indulge in at OZ Design Furniture.



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