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Newcastle Gym Owner Leading the Lobbying for Gyms to Re-Open

The Director of Planet Fitness Australia, Dallas Rosekelly, thinks “enough is enough” and has “kept quiet for too long, thinking someone else will lobby or push for the re-opening of gyms.”



Dallas says that “we should have been lobbying months ago” and believes that no one has been representing the Health and Fitness industry. “It is time our politicians and decision makers understood the incredible benefits of Gyms, Health and Fitness, and work with us to get our gyms open.”

Dallas has contacted the State and Federal Government, and expressed his thoughts over his personal LinkedIn and the Planet Fitness social media accounts, already getting traction among the general public.

Dallas thinks that “the government have no idea on what the Fitness Industry represents. We’re not some dirty rats. Come and look in our gyms and see how clean we are.”

Dallas shares an anecdote from a loyal member....

“The day the Government forced all gyms to close, a loyal member came to me and asked, “What will you do?” I advised we would freeze all payments and memberships until we could re-open, to help our community who were struggling mentally and financially. She said, “But you will not have any income, so can I keep paying my membership to help you?” I politely declined and sincerely thanked her kind offer, but what she said next struck me. She informed me that she needed to come to the gym as she was a nurse and the gym helped reduce stress from her work.”

Dallas says that he has repeatedly heard other members exclaiming they need gyms to re-open for their mental health just as much as their physical.

“This is a firm reminder of why we operate Fitness Centres, and what we do for our members and community.”

Regular exercise reduces the risk of health concerns and diseases, such as heart disease, high bloody pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, depression, stress related illnesses and more.

Dallas says that all Planet Fitness gyms will oblige with necessary restrictions, and enforce precautions to keep our members safe and healthy.

“These could include social distancing rules per square meter, more cleaning and sanitising stations, more staff to be cleaning at all times, making more processes contact-less, stay at home if you are sick guidelines, members to strictly follow having a towel and cleaning equipment after use and more.”

Dallas has been in communications with Fitness Australia, after he sent them an emotive email calling them “pathetic” and that “the industry needs to wake up.”

Fitness Australia have now invited him to go on a panel to represent the industry to the Government as an independent gym owner. He believes they are still “being too nice and getting nowhere with the Government.”

Dallas has taken action into his own hands, sending an open letter to the Australian Government, to “come talk to us and help us re-open so we can help Australians get rid of some stress, freshen their mind, energise their body and start feeling mentally and physically well again.”

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