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Busting the Myths of a Group Tour!

Managing Director of Jayes Travel, Michelle Barker has been leading groups for years and has also travelled as part of group tours. This month we asked Michelle why travellers should consider travelling with a group tour rather than just DIY’ing their next trip. Here are her answers to our most frequently asked questions.

“Aren’t Group Tours more expensive?”

We find that a group tour not only saves you time but also money. When you consider all the ‘extras’ you pay along the way when you travel – a metro ticket here, an entrance fee there – overall you will generally end up spending more when you travel independently. Plus you are getting the knowledge and experience of a tour guide which saves you time in ensuring you arrive at the right monuments at the right time and helps you to achieve everything you can each day.

“Isn’t every second of the day planned?”

So much of travel is about the things that come up when you least expect them, and good tours recognise this by building in swathes of free time to allow you to explore and make your own discoveries.

“Aren’t they for retirees?”

These days you can book flashpack tours (a step above backpacking!), private group tours for travelling with friends, family tours for multigenerational travel, and that’s just the beginning. One thing’s for sure, no matter your age, travel is likely to make you feel more alive!

“There’s always ‘that’ person in a tour group.”

I can’t deny, you aren’t always going to want to be best friends forever with the people you travel with.

But I have to admit; there aren’t many people I haven’t enjoyed sharing the journey with. You have the starting commonality – wanting to explore and discover the world – which is a really great ice-breaker. Plus, I always maintain the mindset of ‘everyone has their quirks, including you!’ If you can respect that everyone is different, it’s easier to share the experience.’

“I can’t go by myself on a group tour.”

Of course you can! A tour is a terrific option for solo-travel as it provides you with a safe and comfortable environment. But stepping out of your comfort zone can also be one of the most liberating things anyone can do and going solo leaves you more open to new friendships!

“I want to experience it like a local.”

If you want to scratch beyond the surface, you’re in luck, because many tour companies now pride themselves on giving travellers locals-only access and life-altering experiences that go way beyond travel clichés. They are creating the local experiences you can’t get travelling independently! Would like to know more? Call Jayes Travel today 1300 891 100, follow us on Facebook or visit us at 145 Hunter Street, Newcastle.

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