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Winter has definitely arrived, and the cold snap means we need to layer up and keep warm. It is when we tend to hibernate inside, so it’s a time to make your home a comfortable and cosy environment to be in. Be smart with your Winter purchases to ensure they’re not one-season-wonders. Remember that Summer is never far off, so how do you create a space that transitions with the seasons?

Insulate - Insulation is the key to keeping warm. Yes, the insulation hidden in the walls and ceilings are very important, but what about those lovely big expanses of glass we often have that let the heat escape in Winter and enter in Summer? These also need layers over them to be insulated. The more layers over these, the more pockets of air that are created and the better thermally controlled your home will be.

Whether it’s blinds, curtains, or a combination of both, the additions will only enhance your home and comfort in this chilly weather. Once we’ve sorted out the best type of covering for the opening, we can begin to play with fabrics! Fabric choice is important, and the changing temperatures and sunlight throughout the year should always be taken into consideration. Does the space get more sun in Winter than Summer due to the lower sun position? Do floors or furniture need protection from the rays? Dual systems will give greater versatility for the best use year round.

Layer Up - Use layers of various textures to create a feeling of warmth. Think knitted cushions with a chunky weave throw – both useful accessories for this time of year to snuggle in to, while also visually enticing with the textural combinations. Bring colour into this mix too to enliven your space and add dimension. If you struggle putting colours and pieces together, look for inspiration in nature. This is an easy way to discover colour combinations that work. Have timber floors for example? Why not introduce a gorgeous emerald green to sit with them? This can be done with accessories or even a wall of colour that could be paint, wallpaper or even curtains. Drapery is a great way to bring distinction to your scheme.

You can be brave with your fabric choice here, either regarding colour, texture or pattern. They all soften en masse. You develop variation of shade in a coloured fabric made into a curtain due to the shadowing being created by the folds. In contrast, you lose part of a strong pattern on a fabric fashioned into a curtain due to the folds breaking it up, so it’s no longer as obvious nor as dominating. Either way, bringing in a colour or pattern this way will warm your space and enliven the overall aesthetic, bringing a natural warmth to your interior.

Add Colour - We’re seeing the rich, bold hues come to the forefront this year, with our clients loving the use of them in their homes in a variety of ways, whether a navy velvet lounge or a multi-coloured rug. Neutrals always have their place too. However, the emeralds, aubergines, navies, bold patterns and lush fabrics are now definitely in the mix.

The use of these colours can be striking, yet also timeless if worked into the interior scheme thoughtfully. Having one large piece in a fierce colour amongst an otherwise all neutral palette can be stunning, yet daring, so for those not so confident, test the waters with artworks, cushions or accessories before investing in a large piece.

One tip we often give to our clients is how to soften a ruling colour, usually in reference to black (think a large TV in a room). To make it not so dominating, throw the colour around the space in other items – a lamp base, dining chairs, artwork frames etc. Suddenly the governing piece isn’t drawing the eye and dwarfing the rest of the interior. It is now incorporated into the overall room design, allowing the eye to read the entire space as a whole.

Have fun with your Winter interior - play with colour this season, layer with textures and mix in patterns. Make it a warm space for you!

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