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Donate A Life!

Sperm Donation. It’s not a topic that comes up in conversation very often yet the number of people requiring donor sperm is on the rise. There is currently a severe shortage of donor sperm in Australia with many people not realising that they could potentially give the greatest gift of all…life!

Understandably, many questions are surrounding donating your sperm. Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Who needs donor sperm? There are many situations where a sperm donor is needed; in heterosexual couples where there is male infertility or a genetic disorder, women in same-sex relationships and single women choosing to start a family.

Why do people donate? Choosing to donate your sperm is a very personal decision and can be influenced by many different things. Some men simply want to help others; they may have had a personal experience with fertility issues, know someone who struggled to have a baby or know firsthand the joy a child can bring to someone’s life, and they want to help others to have this experience. Whatever the reason, donating your sperm truly is giving the gift of life.

Who can donate? There is a number of criteria that men need to meet in order to donate, the main ones being:

  • 21 – 45 years old

  • Healthy, non-smoker

  • Be comfortable to be identified by a donor-conceived child once they turn 18 years old

  • Good sperm count (we test this for you)

Will I get paid for donating? The short answer is no. It is illegal in Australia to pay a donor for their donation of sperm however we understand being a donor requires your time and effort. We are able to reimburse you for reasonable expenses to cover things such as travel expenses.

What happens after I’ve donated? Once you’ve completed all your donations; your non-identifying information will be added to our Donor Database for recipients to select from. In NSW the maximum number of women to which a donor may contribute is 5. Therefore if you already have your own family or are planning on one in the future, we will restrict the number of women who can use your sperm to 4.

Where can I donate? Newcastle Sperm Donors is part of Genea Newcastle, a privately owned and fully accredited IVF clinic specialising in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility including IVF treatment. Located in Merewether, Newcastle our clinic has been helping people achieve their dreams of having a baby for over 30 years. With the demand for donor sperm on the rise, Newcastle Sperm Donors was established in 2014 and has had the privilege of helping 31 babies be born through donor conception with more on the way!

How do I donate? It’s easy to become a sperm donor; there are just a few simple steps:

The best way to start the process is to contact us via our website at www.newcastlespermdonors.com.au and fill in the form on the homepage. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will contact you to arrange appointments at our clinic with our:

  • Doctor - medical and family history will be taken along with blood & urine samples for infectious diseases and genetic testing

  • Laboratory – initial semen analysis and sample ‘test freeze’ of your sperm

  • Counsellor – there are many topics around sperm donation that you may not have thought of. Our counsellor will help make you aware of everything to consider before donating.

You will have access to all test results for your own records. Once you’re confirmed as a suitable donor, we will require approximately six donations from you and another blood test 4 months after your initial donation.

For more information visit www.newcastlespermdonors.com.au

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