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LISTEN UP! Season 2 of Oversubscribed is Out Now

After a successful first season, Oversubscribed, the Newcastle based podcast for women hell-bent on squeezing the most out of life, drops its second batch of eight episodes this month. Hosts Alana Dagwell and Laura Jackel discuss a new selection of topics including climate anxiety, adult friendships and inspirational women, in their signature smart and chatty style.

Freelance writer Laura said the duo had chosen eight new themes for this season that matter to them and other women at a similar age and stage of life.

“We received really positive feedback from our listeners after season one ended in early September and it has helped us to plan the content and direction for season two,” Laura said.

The friends and ex-work colleagues decided to launch Oversubscribed after chatting earlier this year about how busy life can be.

Social media consultant Alana said that she and Laura often joke that they have ‘too many tabs open’ in their brains, with so many things to do and remember.

“We started Oversubscribed because we often feel a bit strung out when juggling parenting, work, fitness and just life at age 40. We felt there wasn’t a podcast targeting women of our age and stage that was relaxed and relatable, so we launched one ourselves,” Alana said.

Alana and Laura’s first series, which included eight episodes on topics such as beauty, parenting, fashion and long-term relationships, was launched in July to great reviews.

In both season one and two, Alana and Laura discuss their chosen subject honestly and interview relevant industry experts.

Laura said that the Oversubscribed format was created because the two of them had always been avid podcast consumers themselves.

“We both love listening to and discussing podcasts, but we mostly do the listening while driving the kids to school, cooking dinner or working out,” Laura said.

“We know that’s how most of our friends also consume podcasts which is why each of our episodes is capped at 30 minutes. We appreciate that time is precious for women of our age!”

In a first for the second season, Alana and Laura will be working with Hunter based businesses to help promote the episodes as well as provide discounts and offers for local listeners.

“We are so excited to be working with amazing local businesses this season. We purposely only wanted to target brands that we believe our listeners will love too,” Alana said.

Laura has been working with Australia’s biggest media network for women, Mamamia as a contributor since 2015 and her articles along with other current news, views and entertainment stories, have been a great resource for the pair.

“Laura wrote a story about the challenges and bouts of boredom that comes with raising young kids and we bonded over that,” Alana said.

“We don’t always agree on everything, but we can normally relate to each other’s viewpoint.”

Oversubscribed is being produced by Mel Sargeant, at Newcastle Podcast Station. Mel is best known locally as the former co-host of the NewFM breakfast crew and for her MC work. She is also the co-host of the NHM – I got it from my Mumma podcast with friend and fellow mum, Bec Tansey, which is one the most listened to podcasts for mums in Australia.

To listen to Alana and Laura’s Oversubscribed podcast, visit the Apple Podcast app on your iPhone and search for ‘Oversubscribed’. For those not using an iPhone, visit and click on the links to each episode or check out Get Oversubscribed on Instagram or Facebook.

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