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Women Within the Weights Area

By taking a step outside of your comfort zone, you can achieve amazing results. A lot of women generally feel uncomfortable or insecure when entering the free weight area of the gym. It’s certainly a common opinion. I personally know many women who feel this way when walking into the weights section; I myself had that exact same fear.

Honestly, the people in the gym barely take notice of you. It feels like there are a hundred eyes on you, but they are all there for the same reason you are, to achieve goals for their ideal body.

Weight training has so many positives, especially for women. There’s a huge stereotype of females appearing to get a bulky, manly look about them, which is not the case. Women should feel strong and empowered, and weight training should be encouraged more for females because you gain muscle and tone which adds definition to your body shape and increases your overall confidence. Your confidence will grow as soon as you start to notice progress whether that is physically or mentally.

I have noticed many changes in myself, and others around me when it comes to weight training. A lot of people generally feel more relaxed and happier after their workout because of the endorphins that are released into the brain. Exercising isn't only a physical process, but it also impacts your mental health in a great way. Once you get out onto that gym floor, you won’t only surprise yourself with how strong you are, but also how quickly you learn and how much happier you become.


Tips to overcome insecurity when entering the weights section:

  1. Ask for guidance – If you ever feel confused or lost, just ask someone who knows about the gym and equipment. Help could come from a personal trainer with sessions or coaching, a staff member within the gym, or an experienced friend.

  2. Research – There are plenty of websites that offer tips on technique; help for beginners or what exercises you should be doing within the weights area. YouTube also has videos on how to and what not to do. Research saves you from feeling lost when walking around the gym.

  3. Organise a program – Before walking into the gym, make sure you put your research to good use by organising yourself a program of what you’re going to do when you get to the gym. Personal trainers can always tailor a program for you, or you can create a basic program yourself.

  4. Set goals – Outline what you want to achieve before coming to the gym that could range from squatting 60 kilograms or doing five pull-ups. There are so many potential goals; you just have to implement these into your training if you want to achieve the results. Once you achieve one of your goals, it actually will make you strive for the next goal and the next one after that. This is such a great feeling because even if it’s something so small, you have set your mind to a goal and achieved it!

  5. Holistic diet – Having a balanced diet helps set a happier mindset and energises you to be active. Generally, when you are eating unhealthy, this leads to tiredness, lack of motivation, and even self-confidence issues with your appearance. Eating a holistic diet isn't overly strict because it allows you to eat 80% healthy wholesome foods as well as being able to treat yourself. Food has such a big impact on our lives because it is vital for us to live, so enjoying what you eat goes a long way towards improving both your mental and physical health.


Follow my basic tips, ask for help when you need it, keep your head held high to act the part, and you will be confident with weights in no time!

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