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Keeping Your Home Warm in Winter

Curtains not only style your window, but they also insulate better than any other type of window covering – which is especially important during the colder months.

Made to measure, lined and professionally fitted curtains retain maximum warmth and minimise draughts in winter. In Summer, they will also prevent the hot summer heat from entering your home, thus keeping it cooler. You will be amazed how much you will save on your energy bills just by having lined curtains installed.

The hottest trend in window coverings at the moment is using a “sheer” and a thermal lining using double tracking. This allows you to use the sheer during the day and gives you the added option of drawing the lining across at night for warmth and privacy.

The range of sheers on the market today is enormous. A popular trend is textural linen look fabrics which come in a range of colours ranging from neutral whites, soft greys, dark charcoal greys through to black.

You only have to look at the renovation home shows on TV to see the extent contestants are using layering window furnishings. The major reason for this trend is that sheers add softness and a sense of luxury to the homes they are renovating – and they come at a reasonable price.

Home renovators are always on a budget, and with that in mind, you will find that custom made curtaining is cheaper than putting shutters in your home.

If you already have blinds or shutters in your home, another thermal-effective solution is to add an extra layer over your existing blinds or shutters. This style solution softens the harshness of shutters and blinds, has all the warming, cooling and energy saving benefits as well as beautifying the space. These drapes can be colour coordinated with your existing blinds and shutters resulting in a warm and cosy feel to your home. We layer our clothing in winter so why not layer our window furnishings!

At Coastal Colour Curtains & Blinds they manufacture all types of curtaining, and our workroom ensures you receive a consistently high quality of pleating, stitching and a perfect fit for your curtains. Their highly experienced and qualified decorators are able to visit your home or business to offer plenty of great advice and of course, a free measure and quote. For more information call 4959 5901 or visit

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