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A Taste of Italy

You only have to turn a corner and you’ll see something extraordinary in Italy, whether it’s a crumbling Roman ruin in the nation’s capital, or a group of laughing nuns.

The most seasoned traveller can’t fail to be impressed by the Colosseum, or get a sense of how terrified combaants must have been two thousand years ago. And even though the Trevi Fountain is invariably teeming with visitors from all over the globe, it is gorgeous.

As for the Vatican, with its own postal system and extraordinary ceiling by none other than Michelangelo, it’s a must-see. Especially in the company of a Local Tour Guide who will make sure you come away with insights into why Michangelo painted certain faces on certain biblical figures. ou don’t have to be an art buff to enjoy it. It’s genuinely funny.

For those who really want to savour the taste of Italy- you can do this with a specialised food and wine tour. Each day bringing opportunities to talk to locals, learn and eat! Even though you will visit many beautiful places during your holiday the experience of your lunchtime cooking class can be the most memorable experience, not to mention gourmet extravaganza, of your holiday!

Armed with some euros and a shopping list, your small group is delivered to local markets where your senses of sight, smell and sound are immediately aroused. Fresh produce aplenty, the loud, friendly shopkeepers (with personalities as colourful as the juicy red tomatoes) are ready to assist.

Due to the linguistic barrier grocery shopping is done by joyful creative sign language, with plenty of food tasting opportunities and much laughter shared with new acquaintances. Once the list is complete you are welcomed to ‘Be my guest’ in the restaurant of an Italian family for a delightful day of hands on home-cooking and lively conversation.

With flour-caked hands you will sip local wines in a centuries-old kitchen, while following generations old cooking procedures from an Italian restaurateur on how to roll, fill and old pasta. There will be champagne and music from a local musician, and when you sit down at your table to feast on your creations, there may even be a little daytime dancing between courses.

Specialised guided food tours are more about experiences than sightseeing, with itineraries taking you to regional areas. These holidays perfectly capture the thrill of being in Italy offering simply the best moments and memories in a delicious blend of relaxation, flvoursome food, and wonderful cultural experiences.

For information on specialised Guided Holidays and fabulous Earlybird airfare savings contact itravel The Junction on 49 621116 or itravel Warners Bay on 49471116.

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