One Tree Coffee Co. | It's all about the coffee!

As you walk along level 2 in Charlestown Square, you will soon come across this modern, smartly designed, compact espresso bar offering a selection of the best single-origin coffees from around the world and brewed using a combination of high tech equipment and old school technique.


This tiny store is all about the coffee and is  a haven for coffee lovers and those who love a thick, velvety hot chocolate or want a bite  to eat. It’s a place where you can pause and relax for a while as you step away from the hectic rush of surrounding shoppers.


One Tree Café has also become a popular coffee destination for the neighbouring retailers, with a regular line-up of loyal customers who understand a quality approach to café service.One Tree Business Manager Robert Greer joined One Tree Coffee just over 2 months ago after working as head barista at Rolador and also as head barista and roaster at Peaberry’s New Lambton.


Robert has brought a revitalised ethos to the business. He loves his job and is passionate about coffee and instills that same appreciation for coffee and excellence in service in the staff at the Charlestown cafe. ‘‘We are known for our artisan-style espresso and it’s about loving what you do and respect for the coffee that you are serving up.


It’s also about appreciating and understanding how the coffee is made and where the beans were grown,’’ Greer said. One Tree Coffee Co. uses the Cafe Verde house blend from Sydney’s Morgan’s Coffee Roasters, a blend of four beans from Nicaragua, Colombia, Costa Rica and Brazil.


The One Tree Coffee menu has also undergone a change under Greer’s leadership and now includes a selection of new pastries fresh from the bakers oven, toasted sandwiches made using Morpeth sourdough, chocolate croissants and the CRUFFIN!


What is a Cruffin? Well you will just have to ask them! While you are there try the blackened chicken, smoked cheddar, corn, jalapeño, ranch dressing toasted  sandwich – truly amazing!

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