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Winter Home Prep: Tackling the TO: DO List!


As the cooler months approach, savvy Newcastle homeowners know it's crunch time to get outstanding home maintenance jobs squared away before winter arrives. From roof repairs to plumbing fixes, there's a long list of niggling tasks that need addressing to ensure your home is shipshape for the chilly days ahead.


At the top of many lists is tree maintenance- a job best left to the professionals at Altitude Tree Lopping Services. Their experienced arborists offer a range of services, including tree lopping, hedge trimming, stump grinding, and wood chipping. With stormy weather on the horizon, having overgrown trees and branches properly trimmed is crucial for preventing damage to roofs, windows or parked vehicles.

While the tree crew is onsite, it's also a great time to schedule them to grind away any unsightly leftover stumps and clean up wood chip piles left from previous tree work. Altitude's team has the proper equipment to safely and efficiently clear your property.

For over 15 years, the proudly family-owned and operated D&J Miller Constructions has been steadily growing under founders Daryl and Joann Miller. During that time, the company has expanded to include a highly skilled team, all sharing Daryl and Joann's commitment to producing top-quality, cost-effective workmanship across Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley regions.

Whether you need a minor home repair or have a major renovation planned, D&J Miller Constructions brings a dedication to craftsmanship honed over their 15+ years in business and are always happy to provide quotes.

Your house is your pride and joy, but years of dirt, grime and air pollution can make even the finest home look shabby. Salt spray, sandy dirt, mould and moss are other common issues faced in Newcastle. Mould, green and black can affect surfaces inside and outside your home, creating an unsightly and unhealthy atmosphere. Maintaining the cleanliness of your house can be a big job, especially with today's busy lifestyles, and some tasks are really best left to professionals like Gary from High Pressure Cleaning.

roof cleaning

When hard surfaces become dirty theyare not only unsightly, but they can become dangerously slippery. Such surfaces present the potential for serious injury. No one wants accidents around the home or business due to a slippery surface that could leave you open to paying compensation claims.

With the exterior shored up, it's time to turn your attention inside the home. Few things are more miserable than plumbing problems in the depths of winter, so now is the ideal time to have Cardiff Plumbing stop by. Their licensed plumbers can inspect for any leaks, clear choked drains, and ensure everything from the hot water system to taps and toilets is running smoothly.

No one likes to see unsightly cracks and holes in walls, and if you’ve sprung a few leaks in recent storms, it might be time to get Bill out to solve your Gyprocking problems. Billis happy to take on small jobs and provides pensioner discounts.

Of course, perhaps the most important pre- winter chore is changing the batteries in your smoke alarms or replacing detectors that have reached the end of their life span—so get out the step ladder and keep your family safe.

Don't let your home's to-do list becomea stressful slog this winter. Instead, lean on Newcastle's quality local trade businesses to efficiently check off those lingering jobs. Check out our Trades and Services page or visit our Local Directory at www.intouchmagazine. A little time invested now will let you settle in for a cosy winter.


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