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The Revolutionary Mollii Suit

It’s been described as a revolutionary invention and has been used in Sweden since 2010 for people with motor impairments and disabilities to improve movement with no harmful side effects.

The result being that chronic pain sufferers are finding relief, those with motor disabilities are moving more freely and athletes are fine-tuning their performance and recovery, and it’s all thanks to the Mollii Suit.

The comfortable two-piece suit looks a bit like a wetsuit with a zipper down the front and has a detachable battery connected to 58 electrodes that cover the arms, legs, and torso. The suit emits a mild, low-frequency electro-stimulation, programmed explicitly to the needs of the individual and is designed to reduce the tension in the spastic muscle and to help voluntary movement. This helps relax spastic, tense and aching muscles improving mobility, balance and blood circulation and ac