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The Revolutionary Mollii Suit

It’s been described as a revolutionary invention and has been used in Sweden since 2010 for people with motor impairments and disabilities to improve movement with no harmful side effects.

The result being that chronic pain sufferers are finding relief, those with motor disabilities are moving more freely and athletes are fine-tuning their performance and recovery, and it’s all thanks to the Mollii Suit.

The comfortable two-piece suit looks a bit like a wetsuit with a zipper down the front and has a detachable battery connected to 58 electrodes that cover the arms, legs, and torso. The suit emits a mild, low-frequency electro-stimulation, programmed explicitly to the needs of the individual and is designed to reduce the tension in the spastic muscle and to help voluntary movement. This helps relax spastic, tense and aching muscles improving mobility, balance and blood circulation and achieving pain relief.

The electro-stimulation suit was created by Swedish chiropractor Fredrik Lundqvist who was working to help rehabilitate brain-damaged patients. He experimented with putting electro-stimulation into clothing to help treat people with cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage and other diagnoses that lead to motor disabilities.

The suit is designed to be worn every day or every second day for one hour at a time. The residual benefit of a 60-minute treatment can last for up to 48 hours, after which Mollii therapy can easily be repeated in the home environment.

Its use throughout Europe has been increasing since 2012, and 2017 saw the launch of Mollii in Australia by Maitland-based company Métier Medical Ltd. CEO of Maitland’s Metier Medical Grant Howells said the opportunity to work with the creators of the Mollii suit had been nothing short of a privilege.

“Métier Medical is proud to have brought this revolutionary neurorehabilitation device to Australia and with it the potential to change lives,” he said.

Grant said he first came across the Mollii Suit during a trip to the UK in 2015, and after seeing the results, he flew to Sweden to find out more about it. After first witnessing the fantastic results the Mollii Suit could achieve, Grant knew he had to take the suit back to Australia, and Metier Medical now has the rights to the suit in Australia and New Zealand.

“I’m probably biased, but the Mollii Suit is the most amazing thing I’ve come across in my whole life. I’ve never cried so much in my life seeing the results people have with the suit,” Grant said.

Several case studies have been published showing positive results from using the Mollii Suit on patients needing therapy for stroke, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain. This includes several university and hospital-backed studies from around the world.

As well as providing examples of how the Molli Suit has changed the lives of people suffering from brainstem stroke, shaken baby syndrome and Global Functional Disability, Grant said that, more recently, Mollii has also had positive impacts on sports performance and recovery.

In addition, Mollii has also been effective in reducing acute and chronic pain in fibromyalgia or other pain syndromes, providing practitioners and clients with a new, complementary tool to existing therapies.

Grant believes that there is so much untapped potential when it comes to who the Mollii Suit could help.

“Every day we continue to learn more about just what Mollii can do, and I believe we are only just scratching the surface of who it could benefit,” he said.

Those interested in trialling the Mollii Suit free of charge can phone 1300 315 530, email or visit for more details.


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