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Shout Out To Wallsend's Heroes Of Hair!


The Wallsend Town Business Association has over 50 local business members and is one of four identified precincts within the Newcastle Local Government Area that have had Business Improvement Associations established (the others are City Centre, Hamilton and Mayfield).


They are independent, not-for-profit organisations that, through a Service Agreement with the City of Newcastle, are responsible for the disbursement of up to $100,000 annually to promote, beautify and develop the local economy of the precinct.

The association's vision is to work in collaboration with local businesses for the benefit of the Wallsend precinct to grow economic diversity, support business activity, promote the precinct and create a welcoming place for people to work, visit and live.

Chairperson of the Association, Wayne Rogers, believes that like the promotional slogan says, Wallsend is The Place to Be.

"There's no need to go further afield - Wallsend has everything you need right here. Our small village community punches way above its weight," says Wayne.

"This month, we want to draw attention to our local hairdressers and barbers. There are several providers in this space within our community, and we want to give them a shout-out."

Peta Duncan is one such business owner who has run hair salons in Wallsend for over 15 years. Her current salon, Aditi Hair, is relocating to 71 Nelson Street and being renamed Hair Truss & Co and is due to reopen its doors on 11 July.

"The Business Association is a great way for business owners to connect, and all of us who work in the hair industry in Wallsend get along great," said Peta.

"The whole pandemic situation has been enlightening. We discovered that we're not 'just' hairdressers. People were desperate to see us during COVID, and it wasn't really about the hair. It's about the mental and physical connection with our clients. Being such an essential part of our little community is special."

If you haven't tried one of the local hairdressers or barbers in Wallsend, there are plenty to choose from. See below for more info.


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