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New Home Maintenance Company Nipping Problems in the Bud!

As a carpenter, Alan Drablow has over 20 years of experience in the home construction and maintenance industries – so you could say he’s seen it all!


While repairing hundreds of homes, Alan came across so many jobs that, if discovered earlier, may have cost homeowners much less to repair.

“I’d come across a serious problem, and I’d think to myself that if this had been spotted sooner and nipped in the bud, the outcome would have been much easier and cheaper for the homeowner,” says Alan.

This gave Alan the idea of performing regular home ‘rego’ checks for homeowners, where issues could be pointed out early and nipped in the bud before becoming a costly repair exercise. NIP IT was born!

NIP IT can help when it comes to your home maintenance. Whether you have an issue that needs fixing now or if you like to be proactive about your home maintenance, Nippit can provide regular reviews of your home so you don’t have unexpected costly home maintenance headaches in the future. Nippit will help you NIP them in the bud before they NIP your hip pocket!

Find out more about regular reviews or once-off repairs at


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