• Melinda Murray

Love Songs to Humanity

I have decided to take a little bit of a different approach to our Music Scene column this month. The music industry was hit first and hardest by the Covid lockdowns and restrictions. More than a year after this began, they still have to keep cancelling shows.


While we’ve all been stuck at home, we’ve turned to artists to fill our time. Be it binging your favourite TV show or listening to music at home; creative types are the ones who are left to lift your spirits. For me, it has always been music, and I could never word things as well as some of my favourite musicians. What songs have cheered you in dark times? These two love songs to humanity have helped me through the craziness. Check them out for yourself today.


Hear people sayin’ that life’s so tough. That they’re so strung out running ‘round in a mad rush

We’ve forgotten how to slow it down. How to take a deep breath and have a good look around

Don’t believe them when you hear them say, Things were so much better back in the old days