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  • Melinda Murray

Love Songs to Humanity

I have decided to take a little bit of a different approach to our Music Scene column this month. The music industry was hit first and hardest by the Covid lockdowns and restrictions. More than a year after this began, they still have to keep cancelling shows.


While we’ve all been stuck at home, we’ve turned to artists to fill our time. Be it binging your favourite TV show or listening to music at home; creative types are the ones who are left to lift your spirits. For me, it has always been music, and I could never word things as well as some of my favourite musicians. What songs have cheered you in dark times? These two love songs to humanity have helped me through the craziness. Check them out for yourself today.


Hear people sayin’ that life’s so tough. That they’re so strung out running ‘round in a mad rush

We’ve forgotten how to slow it down. How to take a deep breath and have a good look around

Don’t believe them when you hear them say, Things were so much better back in the old days

There’s nothing greater than the here and now, So just take my hand - join me on the long way ‘round.

You and I, we’re just floating through space, and there ain’t nothin’ more amazing than this human race. Everybody here has got the light inside, but it gets shut down – we get caught up in the lies. Don’t believe them when you hear ‘em say; their God’s the true God because they pray in a certain kind of way. Just look for love, girl – that’s where it’s found, so take my hand and join me on the long – the long way ‘round. The long way ‘round.

And when you feel like giving up, everybody tries – but there ain’t’ no shortcut! Just keep on dancing - we’ll get it right, and maybe someday we can make it to the bright white light – the bright white light. Cause when it’s dark, and the road gets hazy, Just promise to remember that the world is f*$..g crazy. Nobody here knows where we’re bound, so just take my hand and join me on the long way round.


Here's another verse cause you wanted to know; I'll give you 20 good reasons why I'm shooting the flow cause I suffer from the feeling that I'm quite crap, and that's at the zenith of this whole rap. You see, it hits anybody on a particular day, to a particular depth in a particular way.

But if it's all in your head, get out of bed. You gotta open up the honey jar get on the spread. At the end of the day, it's not the end of the world; your gonna be somebody, baby, give it a burl. You've got a whole lot of mates, and they're egging you on making racket like a footy team singing your song. You've gotta know this about yourself you're enough, and if you're ever ever ever ever ever doing it tough. Just call out, sing out, reach out. Don't be a stranger. Man, oh Man, woah woman. If you feel fine all the time, you're either not a human being, or you're lying.

Both Luke and Rai are two of the most poetic songwriters in the country, and these songs will put a smile on your face. Buying it from iTunes would help keep the music industry moving. So please do that while we all wait at home for things to return to normal.


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