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Jack Squat | Your Sober Sidekick


If your New Year’s resolution was to reduce your alcohol intake in 2024—and that resolution is already well and truly out the window—don’t despair; Dry July and Sober Tober are just around the corner!


While we fervently applaud those who are able to quit drinking cold turkey, for those who prefer a more gradual transition or reduced, responsible drinking habits, the team at Tamburlaine Organic Wines has released a new alcohol-removed range that aims to make the transition smoother.

What is alcohol-removed wine?

Tamburlaine’s ‘Jack Squat” range is the exact wine from their organic vineyards used in regular alcoholic wines, with an additional process at the end of production to gently remove the alcohol after the wine is fermented. This ensures you get all the goodness of organic Tamburlaine wine with only trace amounts of alcohol (about as little as a lemon- lime and bitters). Designated drivers rejoice!

“We’re going to be perfectly transparent here - these beverages do not taste exactly the same as their alcoholic counterparts due to alcohol’s inherent role as a flavour component,” says Chief Winemaker Mark Davidson.

“However, if you delight in the tannins, juiciness and/or tartness of lovingly fermented grape varietals, you’ll certainly find something to like within our Jack Squat series.”

If you’re curious about the range and don’t know where to start, visit the Cellar Door at 358 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin and ask to try it before you buy it. If you’re too far away to visit, jump online and check out two of our faves.

Pinot Gris

Lifted white flowers and citrus notes. Fresh and balanced acidity levels frame pear and crisp apple flavours.



A beautiful classic expression of Chardonnay. It displays peaches and nectarines, a creamy texture, and lingering oak notes.



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