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  • Alex Huszti

GUM DISEASE... Simplified

Belledental simplify gum disease

Gum Disease is real, and effective treatment is critical to you keeping your teeth… for life.


 Have you ever had something explained to you in a really complex way and thought… there must be a simpler way? This is even more so when it is a medical condition; it is painless and results in your teeth falling out! Who thinks this stuff up?


Over the past three years, Belledental has developed some new and revolutionary gum disease treatment protocols and is inviting dental patients to challenge the commonly accepted “dental clean” that most patients have become acclimatised to, handing back independence to patients through simpler protocols.


Dr Chia-Wen Yeh has developed and implemented this protocol in the management of gum disease of all degrees of severity and demonstrated notable reversal of gingivitis as quickly as 4-7 days.


The secret to Chia’s success is not just about abandoning the traditional dental clean; it has been about putting a twist on biofilm therapy, a non-invasive and non-surgical method to deliver a predictable return to healthy gums, for both patients with just inflamed gums, as well as patients with full-blown gum disease in as little as 7-14 days.


We have seen some teeth that have gone from being somewhat wobbly to firm again. And yes, this protocol does encourage good bacteria over disease-causing bacteria.


Let’s not forget about the most critical aspect of treating any disease: Education.


Chia spends the time to not only provide thorough treatment of gum disease… “disinfection”, as Chia puts it, but also to

explain how and why we are doing what we do, understanding the different appearances between disease and health and what action you can take to bring yourself back to health. The whole protocol is about developing as much dental resilience and independence in you: the patient!


If your gums have always bled, or you’ve received an adverse diagnosis around gum disease, or your gums just don’t feel right, and you want better health and understanding around your oral health – call Belledental and ask for Chia!


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