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  • Dr Alex Huszti

Do You Really Need a Denture?

I frequently see patients who present to me discussing the need for a denture. Sometimes they’ve been told by another dentist that they need a denture, and sometimes, they think it is their only alternative. This month, I’d like to delve into some of the decision-making around dentures and maybe some alternatives.


No one relishes having a denture. The thought of wearing a prosthesis can make people feel a degree of trepidation. Do you crave an improvement in functionality and think a denture is the only way forward?

Dentally, people lose teeth – a diminished number of teeth can constitute a functional decline… but does this demand wearing a denture? Some things to consider:

• The function delivered by tooth-to-denture contact is usually only about 30% of the functional capacity provided by tooth-to-tooth contact.

• A denture will trap food and deflect food in ways that would not happen without a denture.

• Many people wear lower dentures ‘…in a draw at home’. Consideration should be given as to whether you would wear the denture – or if the funds are better invested in bolstering what functional capacity you have.

• Do you have teeth that have become loose because of gum disease? Would a more effective treatment of your gum disease in combination with splinting (stabilising) of the teeth be a preferred solution?

• Can a bonded bridge (possibly in combination with splinting) be a solution for you?

• Sometimes, acceptance of a diminished capacity and using your funds that would otherwise be invested in a denture to restore and maintain your existing teeth.

• Sometimes patients choose to have an immediate full upper denture because the cost/feasibility/complexity of restoration of their teeth. This is especially true for immediate full upper dentures where the teeth can be extracted and denture issued at the one visit, ensuring you do not go without teeth.

• What about implants?

At Belledental, we strive to create solutions that are frequently more conservative, cost-effective, and, most importantly, in keeping with your desires around care. If you’re unsure about your options – call us for a consultation.


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