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  • Tanya Obreza

November Horoscopes

Astrologer TANYA OBREZA on what’s in the stars this month.



SCORPIO 23 October - 21 November

With Jupiter in your communication sector, new studies are easier to learn, and money is easier to earn. Still, nothing negates the appalling emotional year you’ve just suffered. Good news: the worst is over. You now live life on your own terms, but there are some conditions. Mostly, it would help if you unloaded burdensome memories - many aren’t worth their weight. In the meantime, Mars conjures up passion. Singles crave stability but may be drawn to wilder flirtations. Couples rediscover their magic.

Platonic friendships also grow, with an old friend coming back within reach. New relationships started this year will always have a powerful influence on your life.



22 November – December 21 November is a time for tying up pesky loose ends and breaking bad habits. For example, often you say “yes” – when you really mean “no”. There’s no getting around it: changes need to be made, with some difficult situations coming to a close altogether. But it’s not a case of being punished for past lapses of judgment – the universe doesn’t work that way. It’s just that for every ending there’s usually a new beginning.


22 December – January 19 The planets tinker with your dream states and, as a result, your intuition heightens – as do any latent clairvoyant abilities. Should your inner voice whisper sound advice, follow its bidding. Those feeling a tad sexier than usual can look forward to a romantic fling. Watch your expectations, though, as this isn’t a rock-solid phase. For happy couples, love grows more passionate, and perhaps a tad more experimental.


20 January – 18 February There’s no avoiding the truth, which has been a long time coming; but whichever way the dust settles, you emerge looking presentable. You haven’t been too happy lately, so perhaps it’s time to take stock – keep what serves you and discard the rest. Go wherever your ambitions take you, Aquarius. Look for that new job, move house or start your own business. Your quest is to discover the silver lining and turn it into gold.


19 February – 20 March November promises increased cash flow, although Mars is keen to squander money on your behalf. But if the budgets tally, then spend up guilt-free. If single, there’s a sense of adventure in the air. For dissatisfied couples, it’s more of a make-or-break time. At work, retraining or networking allows you to rediscover your true potential. It’s all a matter of making the right contacts and then choosing the right direction.


March 21 – April 20 November sends a tremble through your sector of secrets, hinting at hidden romance. Should the affair go public, it’s good news for some – disastrous for others. Singles get a better time of it. But whether single or settled, this month finds you in the mood to spend. At work, you attract influential company. A temptation to mix business with pleasure, perhaps? It’s your call.


21 April – 20 May Think back on your life and remember a time when the stresses of life didn’t weigh you down. Recall the joy of just being alive. Somewhere, at some time – you’ve felt this. If you haven’t been feeling that way lately, know that you can again. Think about how you could make changes that allow you to take time out – enough time for a well-earned break – or perhaps even a few weeks of leave?


21 May – 21 June This month, Geminis develop a knack for transforming the seemingly insignificant into potential success. Every event, every job and every setback becomes an amazing opportunity for growth. Not only on a material level but emotionally and spiritually as well. And in choosing to love life, no matter what crosses your path – you create an infectious aura of joy and prosperity which can’t help but captivate and inspire others.


22 June – 22 July A lively skirmish between power planets brings even more confusion to those already in a quandary. Mars is energetic, but Saturn is practical and solid. So you have one enthusiastic force encouraging you to go for it, while its opposite number counsels restraint. All you can do is adapt to situations as you find them. Upside: whether single or coupled, the cosmos encourages romance.


23 July – 22 August If you intend to keep people guessing, you’re off to a good start. Right now, life seems erratic, so making fixed plans might not be wise. Our lives often put forward dilemmas. If your world is unbalanced, perhaps because it’s all work and no play. Mercury encourages study. The Sun also encourages a style spruce-up. New clothes, hair and makeup – discover a fabulous “new” you!


23 August – 22 September You now find the courage to be yourself, with little apology. Playful Jupiter also stimulates a plethora of pleasurable appetites. Your capacity for personal enjoyment expands, as could your waistline. Don't overdo a good thing. Sexually, you don't feel the need to hold back - and what you may learn is that honesty is a great asset – some Virgos partner up with a partner from a completely different background.


23 September – 22 October We all need a helping hand every so often. November introduces a wise mentor who can bring new wisdom into your life. As a bonus, the Sun focuses on finances. Nothing less than worthy recompense will cut it now. And don’t worry if less scrupulous colleagues try to steal your glory. With you one step ahead, they’ll be left straggling two steps behind. Love also features. Business trips too.

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