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Six hundred coffees later the recharge is almost complete

What started as a small token of appreciation for frontline workers, turned into a six-month long pay it forward campaign for Honeysuckle based Raw Energy Newcastle health food café.


Local owner and operator Greg Fenwick said after almost 600 free coffees paid forward by 250 awesome customers and suppliers, the Wednesday recharge of free coffees for frontline workers will wrap up this Wednesday 21 October.

“Our whole team has enjoyed the opportunity to offer something back to our hard-working frontline workers and we have been overwhelmed by the level of support offered in the pay-it-forward campaign.”

“When we started the campaign at the height of the COVID-19 crisis, it was our way of feeling like we were making a contribution. As it turns out, many of our customers felt the same way and they have been so generous – every Wednesday we have given away unlimited coffees to our local frontline workers.”

“So thank you to our frontline workers for doing such a fantastic job at keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 crisis, and thank you to all our customers for taking part in our pay it forward campaign.”

The Raw Energy Recharge has been running since Wednesday 8 April and it will wrap up after 27 weeks this Wednesday 21 October.

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