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Iconic Holden Predicted to Sell for Over $1M at Auction

The very first factory-built race car to bear a Holden badge is predicted to double the previous record for a Holden vehicle sold at auction.


The 1969 Holden HT Monaro being offered for sale, is credited with launching the Holden Dealer Team’s racing dominance in the 70s and 80s, cementing the Holden vs. Ford rivalry that still divides the nation today.

“We expect that this incredible piece of history will break seven figures – making it the most expensive Holden ever,” said Mr. Hames, Chief Operations Officer for Lloyds Auctions.

“The enquiry on this car is massive from all over the country, many people are even saying that it will reach 7 figures,” Mr Hames continued.

As rare, vintage and collectable items become increasingly popular with punters we are continuing to see more and more auctions consist of these items with values still rapidly increasing especially in the current environment in recent months.

“This particular HT Monaro is an extremely special car with a very rich history and a story that will never be forgotten especially by Holden enthusiasts and this is the reason why it could actually fetch a 7 figure amount breaking Australian records,” continued Mr. Hames.

This HT Monaro is the first Holden prepared by motorsport legend Harry Firth, which debuted at the 1969 Sandown 300, but a fiery crash at the 45-minute mark ended the race prematurely.

Findings from the crash were used to homologate changes for other HDT Monaro’s which led to Colin Bond and Tony Roberts claiming victory at Bathurst the same year, with Des West and rookie Peter Brock finishing third.

Thus the legendary success of Holden’s Dealer Team was launched, and Holden’s ongoing rivalry with Ford cemented.

“This car is a significant piece of Australian motorsport history, not only shaping the success of Holden as a company, but also setting the stage for the domination by Holden and Peter Brock for the following two decades,” said Mr Hames.

“While we’re seeing rare classic cars like Holden Torana’s and GT Falcon’s selling for hundreds of thousands, none have the colourful backstory or cultural significance of this Monaro, which is what makes it so rare and special,” continued Mr Hames.

Last year marked 50 years since the HT Monaro’s commenced the Holden dynasty, a new era for the Holden Dealer Team on the mountain.

Online bidding is available now at:

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