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Create Happiness in Your Home!

Years ago, our houses served a simple function: a roof over our heads. As we grew and developed as a society, our basic human needs have grown too, and as a result, we expect our homes and interior spaces to do more for us than ever before. There has been a considerable shift toward the idea of holistic interior designs. Designs that soothe our souls on a higher level. So how can we design our world to encourage happiness and positivity? Here are some tips:

Colour Connections Many objects and elements inside a house can have a significant impact on one’s mood, and the biggest influencer is colour. Studies have shown that colours with warmer undertones inspire relaxation and boost creativity. Blue and green hues can evoke a sense of calm. Red as a considerable primary colour is often stated as the enemy of the home décor because although it can raise energy, it is thought to increase anxiety and hostility when used as the predominant colour of the room. Opt for darker mulberry, crimson and wine colours for a glamorous boost without the angst.

Light it Up It is well documented that natural light is intrinsically linked to happiness and mood. It resets our circadian rhythm and allows us to feel rested and rejuvenated. We know that the number and size of the windows in the room can boost one’s happiness and lack of light can often increase sadness or enhance anxiety. Maximise natural light with window furnishings that are custom designed to suit your windows.

Utilising ambient light rather than harsh direct spotlights can soften the mood. The colour of the globe can change the way you feel about a space too. Too cool a white creates a blue hue to be cast and can feel sterile and hospital-like. Be careful with warm whites also as they can sometimes be too yellow.

You Do You! Trends will always come and go, but items that truly communicate parts of your personality will always be in style. As I like to say to clients ‘Go hard or go home’ and create spaces that are truly authentic to you and your family. Create a theme and let us help you run with it! After all, your home is an inherent part of you; a physical manifestation of your identity and finding the most beautiful and the best way to represent it is what makes our job so rewarding.


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