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  • Claire Bradshaw

Sustainable, Money Saving Options from SolarBright

As power bills remain on the increase, many households are struggling to keep up (and with the burdens placed upon it, the environment is struggling, too). That’s why the option of solar power has become ever more attractive in recent years. As well as helping you save money through significantly reduced bills, solar is a more environmentally friendly energy solution. And with experts like SolarBright here to help, it’s never been easier to transform your home into a solar powerhouse.

SolarBright is one of the largest solar installation companies in NSW. An Australian-owned family business operating from purpose-built premises in Prestons, SolarBright services Sydney and the wider NSW regional area, including Port Macquarie, the Central Coast, Newcastle and the Hunter. The company specialises in solar panels and batteries as well as tubular skylights and rooftop ventilation. They’ve completed over 11,000 installations throughout their eleven years in business. This longevity is something of a rarity in the industry. Over recent years, high numbers of solar companies have popped up across the country and disappeared within short order – leaving their customers as ‘solar orphans’ when systems break down, and warranties can’t be honoured by the closed-down provider. These breakdowns are made all the more likely by inferior-quality panels offered at low prices, and installation processes that cut all the wrong corners.

SolarBright aims to be the antithesis of this unfortunate industry trend. The company focuses on providing only the best solar system technology, such as LG solar panels (regarded as the best-performing panels on the market), Solar Edge inverters and Tesla PowerWall batteries. SolarBright’s knowledgeable on-the-ground consultants also offer a personalised service to ensure customers’ needs are being met. And clients have the reassurance of industry certification: the company is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer, an Authorised LG Energy Partner and a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer.

So what are the key benefits of solar power for homes and businesses? Money-saving and sustainable home improvement are the key incentives for most customers. An investment in solar typically pays for itself within a few years, with savings continuing for the homeowner for years to come. According to SolarBright, “a combination of a correctly sized solar system and solar battery can reduce your [power] bill to nearly zero”. It’s an ideal investment for retirees or homeowners on fixed incomes.

Those who have already converted to solar throughout Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and the Hunter might recognise Mike Fox, local energy consultant for SolarBright. Mike is emblematic of the personal touch that sets SolarBright apart from the phone- or email-based consultants of other companies. Conducting in-person visits to clients, he sits down with families and local businesses to look at their power bills and usage, discussing the systems and options that will prove the best investment for their situation. “I love my job because I get to help people,” Mike says. “With my technical knowledge of solar, I can reduce people’s and businesses’ day-to-day costs with a realistic ROI.”

When it comes to the process of seeking solar energy solutions, one of the main roadblocks people face is confusion at the overwhelming amount of options and conflicting advice. This can lead to the solar option simply getting put in the too-hard basket – but that’s where Mike comes in. With an honest, reliable reputation and keen product knowledge, it’s his goal to make the process as smooth, understandable and successful as possible. “I love making the solar journey easy – to simplify and provide the desired outcome tailored to the client’s needs,” he says. “I’ll visit you and help you even after the solar is installed because I care. And I love to hear how amazed my customers are that the system purchased is doing everything that was promised.”

If you’re interested in beginning the solar journey with SolarBright, visit or call 1300 852 622 for more information or to organise a free in-home consultation.

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