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Karen and John Open Their Home to Four Foster Children

Post Stephens couple, Karen and John have been foster carers to a sibling group for just over a year. “We went from having only a pet dog in 2017 to now having a sibling group of four,” Karen says. The couple started fostering through Key Assets after considering other options to start a family. “We couldn’t have children of our own, and we really wanted a family. We also wanted to help children in need. After looking into our options, we ended up deciding to give foster care a go.”

When asked about the biggest challenges, the couple said that managing difficult behaviour was something they’re still learning to work through.

“The kids’ behaviours can be set-off by something so small. Even after getting to know the kids, there is still so much we are learning every day. We just keep persisting and providing them with the support they need, and things are continually improving.”

“The support from Key Assets has also been valuable. They gave us all the training and offer 24/7 support.”

“The challenges are overcome though by the small wins, the silly things and the fun times you have with the kids. In such a short time we’ve seen so many small, yet positive changes. They didn’t know how to eat with a fork and knife before, but now they do. It’s so rewarding to watch.”

“Being a foster carer is positively life-changing. The children bring so much fun and laughter into our home.”

Foster carers are urgently needed in Newcastle and Hunter New England. If you’re interested in becoming a foster carer, contact Key Assets on 1800 WE CARE or visit their stall at the Wallsend Winter Fair on 11 August from 9am to 3pm.

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