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Live Better with Organic Food

Are you happy with foods from massive farms using synthetic fertilisers, herbicides, GMOs and hormones to improve yields and make food grow faster? There’s a growing resistance to this mass-produced food, with many people switching to organic foods and finding their physical and mental health improves.

Organic foods use less pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides in the production of food, which means less residue gets into the food chain and into your body.


A huge variety

The variety of organic foods available today is huge. Your pantry can be filled with staples like organic flour, sugar, maple syrup, cous cous, rice and coconut. But did you know you can also fill your pantry with canned organic tomatoes, vegetables, berries and beans?

All these products, and many more, are available at The Foodies Warehouse, Bibina, in Warners Bay.

Bibina has recently expanded its range of organic foods, which now number in hundreds of lines – these day it’s surprising what you can’t get in an organic version rather than what you can.

Bibina now has organic snacks, sauces, cheese, pasta and lots, lots more.

Did you know Bibina has a huge range of organic nuts? Flavoursome, filling and super-healthy, organic nuts are the perfect health food snack.


Healthy doesn’t mean boring

Organic food has an undeserved reputation for being boring – maybe it was in the past, but these days Bibina has organic chocolate, marshmallows, tea and coffee, biscuits, wafers and fruit bars. You can also create great shareable plates with organic olives, tapenade, gherkins, prunes, cheese and crackers.

Everyday dishes like pasta and sauce are available in organic varieties at Bibina, as well as marinades, sauces and salad dressings.


More micronutrients and phenols

While having less insecticides, herbicides and GMOs in organics is great, there’s also evidence organics contain more phenols than non organic foods. Phenols are compounds which are believed to prevent cancer.

Studies have also shown higher levels of micronutrients in organic foods.


Better for the environment

Organic farming is better for the environment, reducing the amount of chemicals used on the land. This also benefits the local wildlife, from the insects to frogs to the larger animals which live on or near farmland, and the waterways which are so fragile these days.

Synthetic fertilisers and other agricultural chemicals aren’t good for the environment and moving to an organic diet is another way you can help to reduce our impact on the land.


Organic cleaning products, too

At Bibina there’s more than just organic foods – there’s also a wide range of organic cleaning products. From hand cleaner to laundry liquid to wipes and toilet gel, you no longer have to use harsh artificial chemicals to clean, you now have the option of gentle organic products. Check out the huge range at Bibina, The Foodies Warehouse, today.


Thai style Salmon with Coconut Aminos and Honey Sauce (Image above)

Taking only about 10 minutes to prepare and another 10 to cook, this is a fantastic dish which can be made using almost entirely organic foods.

Ingredients (Serves 4) • 4 Bibina skinless salmon fillets • 1 tbsp Organic coconut oil (for cooking) • 1⁄4 cup Absolute Organic Original Tamari Sauce • 1⁄4 cup Organic honey • 1⁄2 cup Organic coconut milk • 1 tbsp Ginger (to taste – optional) • 1⁄4 tsp Garlic powder (optional) • 1 tbsp Finely chopped spring onions • Coriander leaves and/or parsley flakes • Sesame seeds (optional)


  1. (After defrosting frozen salmon) Rinse the fish under cool running water, pat dry with paper towels and set aside in the refrigerator while you prepare the other ingredients.

  2. Place the marinade ingredients in a small bowl and mix to combine. Set aside.

  3. Take the fish out of the refrigerator and heat the coconut oil in a medium to large frying pan with a lid, on medium/high heat. Place the fillets in the pan and cook for approx. 3 minutes on one side, then carefully turn over and pour the marinade evenly over them.

  4. Reduce the heat to medium/low, cover with the lid and continue cooking for approx. 3–5 minutes or until cooked through.

  5. Remove frying pan from heat. Place the salmon on plates or a serving platter.

  6. Pour remaining sauce over salmon, sprinkle with coriander and/or parsley leaves and sesame seeds, coriander and/parsley. Serve immediately.

TIP To bake the fish, place boneless, skinless fillets in a baking dish and pour the marinade over the fish. Cover the baking dish with baking paper, then tightly cover with foil and bake in a 180°C oven for approx. 8–10 minutes. Then uncover and bake approx. 3–4 minutes longer until the fish is cooked through.

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