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The health and fitness industry is being slowly revolutionised by the mindfulness movement, with a shift in perspective that is evolving toward a view of health as being a holistic concept that should acknowledge and encompass all aspects of the individual; body, mind and soul to achieve the greatest benefit and sense of overall "wellness". New facilities in Newcastle such as Urth Fitness provide this holistic approach to fitness, offering specific programs, tailored facilities and training in support of wellness and mindfulness as a lifestyle.

Although these concepts are only just beginning to gain momentum within the industry, the knowledge that the journey to wellness and wholeness is one that seeks to service all aspects of the individual is not news to the ancient practice of Yoga. Yogis have enjoyed the multi-dimensional health benefits of a dedicated yoga practice for thousands of years.

A modern-day yoga practice can cultivate the same sense of wholeness and vitality as that of the great swami&