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Wallpaper... WOW Has it Changed!

If it’s one thing that 2018 is becoming known for in design, it’s all the interesting changes that are coming through with the use of images and wallpaper. And if you have a windowless or dark room that lacks character, a small apartment in a forest of concrete, or simply a room without a view then wallpaper may be just what you are looking for.

If your new build seems to be ‘missing something’, then perhaps wallpaper can give it the warmth or soul that’s missing. Industrial furniture or French provincial needs to look like they belong to the rest of the room and wallpaper can help to anchor all these pieces and create a home for them. Furniture will really come to life in the right setting, and you can create the setting yourself with wallpaper.

Wallpaper can add an outdoor garden, a view of a jetty or ocean where there isn’t even a window. Technology is producing some beautiful hi-res images to allow you to create ambience in an instant. Use it instead of a large art canvas. Think outside the box.

One major trend in wallpaper this year is using coordinating paper to do the whole room. This was popular in the 70’s and 80’s, and it’s making a return. A room can be subtle or dramatic, depending on how you choose to mix the designs and fully wallpapered rooms can look stunning in both old or new buildings. If you love a feel of luxury, think glitter, glass or velvet. Surprisingly, all of these can be found on paper!

When to incorporate wallpaper into your room:

  • If looking out the windows of your home fails to deliver a beautiful view or a feeling of space;

  • When you feel that your new build doesn’t give you an industrial edge for furniture you love. Try a concrete wall, a brick feature or an old warehouse image;

  • A new build with all the shiny surfaces lacks the feeling of warmth or character. Natural texture from grasscloth wallpaper can give large hallways or large rooms a feeling of depth and warmth. Grasscloth lookalikes are also available if you don’t like the noticeable join with this option. Natural shades look great in living areas, and beautiful metallic threads and amazing colours can also be found in the grasscloth papers today. These also add luxury to a bedroom;

  • In a lacklustre bedroom with no personality. You need to finish the look and bring the whole room together. Ask our team to help transform your space; we also do bed-heads and bedding packages, so you don’t need to run around. Getting all this right is the key to ensuring wallpaper works in a bedroom;

  • You have an older home with uneven wall surfaces. Wallpaper is a great solution for this problem. Paintable textured wallpaper that replicates pressed metal can also be used on a ceiling, not just the walls;

  • You have a Period home. Wallpaper was intrinsic to the décor of these homes, and fully papered rooms have always worked in federation homes or older period homes when chosen correctly. Many options are available to suit particular eras or style and wallpaper will only enhance and build on the personality of the home;

  • You want something special for your kitchen splashback - wallpaper can be used in kitchen areas behind glass as a splashback;

  • You want to create an exciting, playful space for a child. This is where you can really have some fun. Create a fantasy world for your little one or create a haven for your adolescent. Remember that there is a psychology of colour before you commit.

The process of hanging and removing has also changed – its now easier to install than ever before and at insideout, we have a solution for every space. Drop in and see what wallpaper can do for your space or visit (select the “no ordinary walls” box for some fantastic inspiration).

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