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Words of Wisdom | Empowering Women

Becoming Brave, by Katie Dean Becoming Brave is the highly anticipated first book by Newcastle writer and entrepreneur Katie Dean. In this motivating, powerful and incredibly relatable book, Katie Dean provides the practical tools to nudge you out of your comfort zone, befriend your fear and let go of the feelings that were never yours to carry.

The book puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life and encourages a life lived on your terms, filled with confidence, the occasional cuss word and the ability to turn things around when the chips are down. Becoming Brave is an honest snapshot into a world where it’s possible to thrive with anxiety. A book that encourages the courageousness to be both brave and vulnerable and celebrates sensitivity as a superpower. Katie Dean is the founder of YOUR WILD LIFE and not your typical motivational coach or a typical anything. She’s written Becoming Brave for other women like her: sassy women pursuing a path to creativity, spirituality and a life-loved even when that path is wildly messy. Becoming Brave is available from Amazon, Booktopia and Book Depository, RRP $24.99.

Kick Ass, with Mel Robbins (Audiobook) Want more out of life? You're not alone. And best-selling author Mel Robbins is here to help with no-bull life and business advice that you won't get anywhere else. This follow-up to The 5-Second Rule (available only in audio) takes the classic talk-show format and elevates it to a premium audio experience. Listen to private coaching sessions between the celebrated motivational speaker and people like you - people who want better relationships, to be healthier and more productive, to get unstuck from the destructive habits holding them back, and to take action on their dreams. Packed with simple yet transformative tools, you can hear Kick Ass with Mel Robbins one session at a time or binge on them all. As brilliant and inspiring as she is entertaining, Mel Robbins will empower you to live the kick-ass life that's been waiting for you.

Mel Robbins is the world’s most booked motivational speaker, viral TED Talk sensation (12+ Million views) and the author of The 5 Second Rule (Amazon’s “Top Ten Most Read List” and is one of the most successful audiobooks ever published)! Listen and unlock your power with private coaching sessions that will take your life, work and relationships to the next level! Get it at (link live 9 May).

Lucky Bitch, by Denise Duffield-Thomas From being broke, hating her office job, and generally having a life that made her completely miserable, Denise went on to travel the world and make all of her dreams come true within the space of a few years, including attracting more than half a million dollars’ worth of free travel, scholarships, prizes, and bank errors in her favour. And in this book, she shows how you can do the same.

Wherever you are with luck - whether you're already lucky and you want to attract even more into your life, or you feel like your luck is about to run out - Lucky Bitch will show you how to take action in areas of your life that are lacking in magic.

With humour and encouragement, Denise gives clear and effective instructions, based on the principles of the Law of Attraction and manifestation, that will get you closer to luck and closer to your dream life. You'll learn the ’Ten Lucky Bitch Commandments’ and the secrets to creating luck in business, in love, and with money. This book has already changed the lives of tens of thousands of women. Now it has the potential to change yours. If you've been asking for an answer or a miracle, this book is it! RRP $19.99.

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