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RUG UP! Australia Set To Experience Freezing Winter

Climate scientists are reporting the effects of global warming after freakishly warm weather is being recorded around the North Pole, sending a blast of cold Arctic air over Europe.

Cape Morris Jesup, found on the Northern tip of Greenland has recorded over 61 hours of temperatures above freezing, making the North Pole warmer than Europe, a change which has been linked to a rare retreat of sea ice in the Arctic winter darkness.

Temperatures around the region are now about 20 degrees above normal, which has left scientists wondering if human-made global warming will see weather conditions like this more frequently.

Most of Europe has shivered through an extremely cold winter, with many places experiencing snow in areas where there hasn’t been snow in years. Australians are already being warned to prepare for an icy winter, with the wind-chill expected to make conditions feel worse. So rug up – and maybe book that ski holiday now!

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