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Bring Yourself Back to URTH

Do you want to be a part of a fitness community? Would you like to take your training to the next level? Or would you like to simply unwind by immersing yourself in Yoga? Then look no further than Urth Fitness.

Urth Fitness is a balanced and complete fitness experience in the heart of Newcastle. Gym studio, Yoga, Functional Training, and spa facilities - everything your body and mind need to stay balanced, all in a boutique studio environment.

The Newcastle Rosekelly family, who founded the successful health and fitness clubs of Planet Fitness back in 1994, has established Urth Fitness. With over twenty years experience within the fitness industry, the Rosekelly family made Planet Fitness a household name in Newcastle. The business journey continued to grow with five outstanding locations within the Hunter, Central Coast, and Casula.

However, the family have now embarked on a slight twist in the journey; that is, Urth Fitness. Urth Fitness will be delivering a unique health and fitness club that allows members to be involved in a strong community by having a smaller member base.

Urth Fitness has contracted the rights to include the incredible 'PowerCamp' Functional Training facilities to enable members to be involved in a program that has been designed specifically for great results and is performance focused; using a healthy range of movements that will be performed under the supervision of our experienced specialised trainers.

What is Functional Training? Functional Training involves participants to complete a range of exercises that will allow for activities performed on a daily basis to be less strenuous on the body and therefore lowering the risk of sustaining injuries. This type of training predominately targets muscle groups and joints that promote the function of both stabilisation and mobility. There are three main key groups of stability training; the abdominals (core strength), the hip abductors and rotators and the scapula stabiliser. Functional training is also utilised for sport specific training, due to isolated exercises focusing on the improvement of the skills required necessary to be successful in each chosen sport. Since Functional Training has been introduced to the industry results have shown an increase in the performance of athletes in their chosen field.

Our staff, and in particular our Personal Trainers have been handpicked to provide exceptional service to our Urth Fitness members. With many years of being in the fitness industry, we have been able to gain an understanding of the many reasons people attend fitness centres; and with this information, our Urth team suit the community focus and understand the needs of members.

Our state of the art facility will also offer members the chance to unwind, break away from the daily grind and come back down to Urth through the many forms of Yoga that will be available at Urth Fitness.

New to Yoga? Do you suffer from back pain, muscle strains, stress tension and even anxiety? Yoga is for you! It doesn't matter if you know the lingo or not – our instructors will be there to guide you through each movement of the class. There are so many benefits of Yoga; increased flexibility and muscle strength, improved posture, preventing cartilage and joint breakdown and protecting your spine. Plus other benefits include improving bone health, helping drain your lymph, which boosts your immunity, and it can increase your blood flow and as a result, decreases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. I am sure there are many of you reading this and nodding your heads to one or more of the conditions mentioned above; so I encourage you to come along and try our mind easing, soul calming classes.

And Always, Treat Yourself. As much as Urth Fitness will bend, twist and tone your body – we also want you to relax and release. With a private sauna, superior massage chairs, and a full body hydro-massage lounge facility, we offer you a luxurious spa experience to use at your leisure. Work hard, reward yourself, and take time to love your new lifestyle with us.

The team is excited for the doors to open soon and for members to start enjoying a whole new world of fitness; we welcome you to the Urth experience!

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