• Ash Sheppeard | Personal Trainer, Smash Fit PT


It is that time of year when most of you have just realised the weather is getting warm and “oh no” you haven’t trained all winter, you have indulged in foods that make you feel warm and cosy, and there are only two months until Summer!

If this is you – then there’s no better time than now to get active and start eating clean. Here are four very simple tools to implement into your daily and weekly routine to get you feeling fitter, healthier and more confident by December!


The sun is out, and the weather is far more inviting to step into so start by going for a morning walk to kick start your day. If you are new to exercise, start with 30 minutes and work your way up to 1 hour. Try to choose a path that has hills to increase fat burning and bring a friend with you to make the time pass quicker.

On weekends, why not meet up with friends, family or your partner and hit some tourist spots for a bit of activity. Go to places such as Mount Tomaree (a 1km hike in Nelson Bay with a spectacular view as your reward) or the Somersby Falls walk. There are also fun activities that will get you moving like Tree Tops Adventure Park or swimming at the beach. Keeping busy doing new and fun things will keep you motivated and take the “chore” out of exercise.

A fantastic way to meet new people and have fun getting fit would be to join an outdoor fitness group! Jack at Planet Fitness Belmont runs a great boot camp for those who are keen, he mixes it up with indoor and outdoor sessions, using weights, cardio and body weight exercises to get you maximum results!


For maximum fat burning and toning, you will want to incorporate weights into your exercise regime. Your best bet to get this is by joining your local Planet Fitness gym and having a Personal Trainer show you the ropes.

Alternatively, you may prefer group activities; Planet Fitness gyms provide great group classes such as Body Pump, Spin, Cross Training classes and more. I run boxing at Planet Fitness Belmont and will also soon be at Planet Fitness Charlestown. Boxing is a fantastic method of not only increasing cardiovascular fitness but also letting off some steam with boxing skill and technique, getting you fitter and stronger but having fun at the same time.

Remember, you don’t have to do the same exercises every time. There are so many different types of exercise – weight training, functional training interval training, circuit training, yoga, spinning, swimming, and running – who said you have to choose one and stick to it? Boredom leads to demotivation; combat it by switching things up when needed.


Stop eating pizza, McDonald's, KFC, fast food take away and start using your kitchen to cook good healthy nutrient rich foods. Abs are made in the kitchen. An example of foods that you should start consuming more of:

  • Vegetables (Spinach, Broccoli, Zucchini, Asparagus, Carrots, Mushrooms)

  • Salad Items (Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum)

  • Fruit

  • Lean Meat (Chicken breast, steak, lean mince, turkey mince, white fish, salmon, tuna)


I know, I know… We are Aussies, and it is in our culture to be consuming an alcoholic beverage at the end of our hard days work, running around after kids, doing the groceries, training and whatever else your hectic day involves, but this is the biggest killer in your current diet. If you cut out alcohol, not only will it help you to get healthier quicker but also be better for your body inside and out!

Your brain and liver will be better for it, your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and if you are having difficulties with your weight based on diet only, then cutting back will help you to lose that excess weight you don’t want. So swap that afternoon beer for water and get active, give it a go for eight weeks and see how you feel!

Try out these four easy steps, and you will be fit and feel great for summer in no time!

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