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  • Dr Kathryn Holmes

Better Skin Starts Now!

“What, if anything, would you like to change about your face?” This was a question posed in a consumer and plastic surgery poll of 510 people aged 18-60 years conducted by ACA Research. 47% of respondents said they wanted better skin.

Good skin is clear, even in colour, smooth, bright and glowing. It is associated with general good health and wellbeing. From the minute we’re born, ageing effects start to change our skin. Intrinsic ageing is caused by genetics, it’s something you can’t change. This includes expression lines, gravity, nutritional and hormonal issues. Extrinsic ageing is damage caused by our environment, such as pigment changes, broken blood vessels, wrinkles, dryness, blackheads, milia, solar keratoses and skin cancers.

In Australia, 80% of skin damage is solar. We see this starting in primary school kids with freckling, and then into late teens as lines and wrinkles start. Learning to make sun protection, exercise and healthy eating part of your lifestyle from a young age will make a huge difference to how your skin survives life.

The range of products and treatments advertised for skin is growing every day. Many of these products promise brilliant results but have no research backing and just don’t work.

In an industry that’s growing faster than it can be regulated, it has never been more important to make sure you get professional medical advice and management when it comes to treating your skin.

Dr Kathryn Holmes from The Mayah Clinic has 25 years experience in medicine and provides expert assessments and well-researched treatment options. These options range from effective topical products for home and clinic use (such as Rationale Skin Care and Facials), through to the latest LED light, cold laser, broadband light, micro needling, fractional and ablative lasers to assist in correcting damage and achieve better-looking skin.

Visit for more information about The Mayah Clinic and the full range of services provided.

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