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NEW YEAR | New Intentions

What happened to your New Year’s Resolutions? Still sticking to the hard and fast no alcohol, no chocolate and going to the gym every morning before work? Finding it hard to keep up the pace of this brand new lifestyle?

Like most of us, a new year means new intentions and new goals of how we want to live. Did you say on January 1 this year ‘I’ll go to the gym and lose that 5 kilos’? For the first few weeks, you choose salads, sign up to that new CrossFit studio and say no to all desserts.

Unfortunately, the best intentions tend to get lost as summer holidays end, work and busy routines take over and before you know it you’ve got one hand on the remote control and the other in a packet of TimTams!

Don’t feel guilty or talk yourself down. It happens to the best of us. However, THIS is the year that YOU WILL take control of your health, one step at a time. So how do you start?

Start by eating real food. Reduce packaged and highly processed foods, which are full of excessive sugars, salts and transaturated fats. Your new mantra will be ‘fresh is best’. Not only is this providing you with a better source of fuel and energy for your body, but you are also reducing waste by not spending money on loads of plastic packaging.

Start with breakfast. Try a protein filled brekky – eggs, yoghurt and fruit, muesli with nuts and seeds. This will fill you up and provide fuel for the brain. If breakfast isn’t your thing, try a smoothie with a vegetable protein.

Start small. In this day and age, everything needs to be big to have better value so choosing no chocolate EVER seems like a great idea at the time but leads to a crazy binge on a box of Favourites down the track! Try allowing yourself a couple of small squares every couple of nights. Start to remove all sugary soft drinks and fruit juices from your diet. Swap for a coconut water or kombucha or simply a slice of lemon in a sparkling mineral water. Your body cannot cope with these massive sugar hits and will convert the sugars to fat.

Start to move. Find that thing that is yours! Swimming, hot yoga, walking, tennis. Try it. Love it? Great. Not for you? Then try something new to find what you love. If you love it, it will be easier to motivate yourself to do it.

Start treating yourself. Try not to justify treats every time you do a bit of exercise, especially with food. Why not reward yourself with a massage after losing those first couple of kilos? Or meet friends for a coffee (no cake!) after yoga.

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