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  • Liane Morris

Youth Navigates Love and Information in Kaleidoscopic Drama


“Where hearts connect, minds collide, and data reveals the secrets of the soul."


Hunter Drama presents the kaleidoscopic and inventive Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, 22-25 May at the Civic Playhouse. Starring a cast of 20 senior Hunter Drama students who play over 100 different characters, the play is deeply relevant to today’s youth, exploring the complexities of human connection in the digital age and the ways in which love and information intersect and shape our lives.

A popular drama text for stage six students, the play takes the form of seven sections comprising several short vignettes. With sharp wit, humour, and a keen understanding of the human experience, Churchill's work is captivating and thought-provoking. Love and Information is directed by Hunter Drama Artistic Director, James Chapman who is an award-winning theatre maker and whose directing credits include The War of the Worlds, She Kills Monsters, The Shawshank Redemption and Madagascar Jr.

“This piece deals with themes of love and relationships in the digital age, the information overload of social media and how our young people navigate this world,” said James.

"It’s about the paradox of connection and isolation that we all experience, and it’s relevant to everyone because love and information are at the heart of the human condition.

“The form of the play pushes boundaries and offers up unique opportunities for artist and director collaboration. The script doesn’t dictate who says what, when, or in what order. Our performers have been able to put their own stamp on the message of the production and what the audience takes away from the experience.”

The colourful, modular set reflects the kaleidoscope of emotions that the characters experience. Hunter Drama encourages all young people over the age of 12 and their parents to come along to explore the themes of this production, which may stimulate important discussions between teens and their parents and provide plenty of laughs.

Tickets are on sale from the Civic Playhouse at


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