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Your Local Family Medical Practice in the Hunter

We regularly have our cars serviced, fill them with the proper fuel, instal good tyres and ensure they look schmick. But when was the last time you had a complete check-up and took good care of yourself? Shouldn’t your own health be more important than your cars?

You’ll be glad to know that your health is important to the crew at Healthcare Evolutions Group. They offer Hunter locals a team of compassionate and experienced healthcare practitioners practising from locations throughout the Hunter region at Cameron Park, Wallsend, Clarence Town and Paterson. Healthcare Evolutions Medical Centres provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services under one roof, making the many aspects of your health care a little bit easier. So no excuses!

Attending a practice for frequent check-ups will allow your doctor to diagnose any issues you are facing early on, so you can benefit from more timely intervention. The best thing you can do to look after your health is to find a reliable medical practice that you can trust. As a general medical practice, Healthcare Evolutions Medical Group provides quality medical treatment for a wide range of conditions. Working with all ages, they offer family healthcare services that are tailored to meet each patient’s individual circumstances and delivered by a dedicated team.

Services include:

Children’s Health – To safeguard your children from future illness and disease, it’s crucial to immunise them from an early age. The doctors at Healthcare Evolutions Medical Group can do this for you as part of their children’s health services.

Pathology Collection Services – A dedicated on-site pathology collection service.

Medical Acupuncture – An increasingly popular type of alternative medicine, acupuncture has been proven as an effective treatment for various ailments, particularly the musculoskeletal system. Acupuncture services are offered to patients to help with chronic pain in the muscles and joints.

Pre-Employment/RTA Driving Medicals/Insurance Checks – Each centre offers workplace medical examinations, to employers to confirm that any prospective new staff are suitable for the job at hand.

Laser Pain Management/Cold Laser Therapy – Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses low-power laser beams to aid in the treatment of muscular and joint conditions. Also known as Photobiomodulation or Cold Laser Therapy (CLT), this treatment effectively targets damaged cells within the body and repairs damaged tissue.

Chronic Disease Management – If you suffer from a chronic disease, you may be eligible for a GP Management Plan (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangement (TCA). Designed to meet the specific medical needs of patients with chronic or complex conditions, these care plans offer improved access to Allied Healthcare Professionals, securing you a referral to the relevant specialist.

Aged Care – Providing a comprehensive range of older persons' health services, Healthcare Evolutions team of Doctors also visit nursing homes. If you have loved ones in a nursing home, let the team know – they may be able to help.

Skin Cancer Checks – Using professional dermoscopes, doctors carry out these checks with the most up-to-date and reliable equipment to ensure the most accurate results.

WorkCover Injury Checks – If you experience an injury or have an accident at work, the team will ensure that a complete record is made of all injuries sustained, so if you pursue a claim, you have the official medical documentation to support this. Your GP will provide assessment, diagnosis and management of work-related injury or illness.

Allied Health – A dedicated team of allied health professionals including dieticians, podiatrists, exercise physiologists, psychologists and NDIS services.

Healthcare Evolutions are primarily a private billing practice with fees payable at consultation and direct claiming from Medicare. Bulk billing is at the discretion of the doctor you see at the time of your consultation, but if you are

having any financial difficulties, please do not neglect your health. Discuss this with your doctor or the practice manager, and remember – they’re there to help.

Visit www.healthcareevolutions.com.au for more information or to book an appointment online.

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