• Chloe O'Sullivan

When Will the Fight be Over?

The story that has unfolded in Canberra over the last few weeks has been horrific by anyone's standards. To date, four women have alleged sexual misconduct against the same liberal staffer who is alleged to have raped Brittany Higgins in the parliament house office of Linda Reynolds in March of 2019.


The women I know are angry. Not just about the current set of facts but that we are still having the same conversation. Every time a woman is raped and/or murdered in this country, there is a chorus of "what she might have done to bring this on herself." Some more subtle than others, but it's always there.

It was announced there would be March4Justice protests all over the country, and although there was a rally being held closer to home, I felt this overwhelming urge to be there within shouting distance of the Prime Minister's office. I wanted to join my voice to the thousands of others to tell the current government that playing duck and cover is not good enough this time.

A friend whose opinion I value (and who falls on the opposite side of the political spectrum to me) told me in no uncertain terms that the abuse of women -