• Liane Morris

WATCH THIS SPACE! Jeff McCloy on life and (maybe) retiring

You would have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Jeff Mccloy and his family business, the Mccloy Group. And whilst controversy has followed him throughout his career, his personal philosophy, generosity and passionate desire to create strong communities benefits many thousands of people and is something he can justifiably be proud of.

Life for Jeff McCloy began in a very humble way in a tiny cottage in Belmont. He still remembers using newspaper in the outside lavatory and the horse leading the bread van for bread deliveries. There was always food on the table, though, and young Jeff grew up wanting to be a dentist, which he laughs about now. His grandfather and father were both builders who rode the waves of boom and bust as they tried to provide for their families. When Jeff was still in primary school, his father experienced a significant downturn in his fortunes, and Jeff believes that this experience helped shape his life.