• Dr Kathryn Holmes

The Science of Skincare

This year we have heard a lot about bugs. Well, one particular type of bug I guess, the coronavirus. (which – just saying – is real and not a population controlling conspiracy!) But I want to discuss other types of bugs that are GOOD for our health – vital in fact!


The Skin Microbiome is the name for all the organisms/bacteria that are on the surface of our skin. I read somewhere that this is one of the latest ‘trends’ in the skin industry. Well, I don’t believe that skin science can be described as a trend. This is, however, an area that scientists are discovering a lot about and how it relates to many of our skin problems.

This microbiome is a complex ecosystem that resides on the skin, develops over time and is pretty unique to each individual. Some organisms on the skin are helpful to skin function while others are pathogenic – cause problems. Balance is an important thing. New trials are currently being performed involving altering someone's unhealthy microbiome to make it healthy, by using a probiotic solution carrying organ