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Street Furniture Theft

City of Newcastle (CN) is appealing for information about the removal of more than 35 items of aluminium street furniture from a CN storage facility.


The picnic tables and chairs were being stored at a Shortland site after being temporarily removed from Foreshore Park and the surrounding precinct for the duration of the Newcastle 500.

Work crews were due to collect and re-install the street furniture in their original locations around Newcastle Beach, Nobbys Beach and Foreshore Park last week as part of the Newcastle 500 bump-out.

The apparent theft of the items, which would have required several truckloads to remove, has been reported to Police, and CN is working closely with them to identify those responsible.

CN will work towards replacing the furniture as soon as possible, however it is incredibly disappointing that this theft will come at a cost to the community.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the aluminium furniture or their removal should contact Crime Stoppers on 131-444.


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