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Navigating Estate Litigation with Jenkins

Estate litigation is a complex legal area with significant implications for Australians. In this article, we explore estate litigation, emphasising its importance in preserving your inheritance and legacy with the assistance of our expert legal team.


Understanding Estate Litigation

Estate litigation occurs when disputes arise over estate distribution after someone’s passing. These conflicts involve Will contests, claims of undue influence, Will validity disputes, and estate administration concerns.

Why It Matters

Individuals and business owners alike often accumulate substantial assets. Ensuring their proper distribution is crucial for preserving their legacy and their family's well-being. Estate litigation can impact a business's financial stability and family members' security.

Common Issues

1. Contested Wills: Beneficiaries challenge Wills, alleging duress, undue influence, or lack of capacity.

2. Family Provision Claims: Disputes emerge when family members feel inadequately provided for in the Will.

3. Executor Disputes: Issues arise when the executor fails in their duties or faces mismanagement allegations.

4. Property and Asset Disputes: Legal battles over asset division, including businesses, real estate, and investments.

The Role of Our Expert Legal Team

At Jenkins Legal & Advisory, our estate litigation lawyers can help you navigate this complex area of law. We offer:

1. Expert Guidance: We provide expert assistance in interpreting Wills, resolving conflicts, and finding efficient solutions to estate disputes.

2. Court Representation: If needed, our experienced litigators represent you in court to protect your interests.

3. Strategic Planning: We help minimise the risk of future estate litigation, preserving your legacy.

Protecting Your Interests

Jenkins Legal & Advisory will proactively reduce your estate litigation risk. Our personalised approach safeguards your estate, preserves your legacy, and provides for your loved ones. We ensure a smooth asset transition to the next generation. Secure your family's future with Jenkins Legal & Advisory's trusted lawyers.


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