• Alex Huszti

Minimal Intervention Dental Care: What’s it About? {Part 2}

In part I of this series, I discussed the basic philosophies around minimal intervention dental care – saving sound tooth structure (i.e. not cutting away teeth), repairability and restorative life cycles. In part II of this series, I’d like to touch on how minimal intervention dental care is essentially focused on fundamentals -and why fundamentals are the focus of long-term value in any system.


I frequently see patients who are seeking an opinion around their dental care needs. This need for a second opinion has often arisen from the recommendations (regarding dental care) provided by another dental practice. Very often – the recommendations are focused on the placement of crowns, bridges and implants. In my opinion, these recommendations of “more involved” treatment modalities are premature. By looking in the patient’s mouth, I often notice broken teeth, inadequate/leaking fillings, scope for improvement of the patient’s bite, that, if delivered correctly, will provide stability, improvements in chewing efficiency and the cosmetic benefits that go hand-in-hand with these functional improvements. I call these fundamentals. Traditionally, fundamentals are considered boring, so let me elaborate.