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Maitland City Council inducts Six Esteemed Individuals to the City of Maitland Hall of Fame

Image: Maitland City Council

Maitland City Council has marked the significant contributions of six individuals by inducting them into the City of Maitland Hall of Fame, which is now physically represented at the newly refurbished Maitland Park Rotunda.


Council budgeted $50,000 for the renovation project, which saw the historic Maitland Park Rotunda upgraded with new pavers and engraved with the names of the new, as well previous, inductees to create a physical depiction and a lasting tribute to Maitland’s most notable citizens.

Established in 2016, Maitland’s Hall of Fame celebrates individuals from across our community who have made outstanding achievements and contributions in their respective fields, spanning everything from arts, theatre, literature and education to sport, science, research, business, military service and more.

‘The City of Maitland Hall of Fame is about honouring local people who have truly made a difference in our community,’ says Maitland Mayor Philip Penfold.

‘Many of our inductees have spent their entire lives in Maitland, while others joined us later, but all have made significant contributions to our city.

‘Placing the physical depiction of the Maitland Hall of Fame in the Maitland Park Rotunda allows us to celebrate and showcase our Hall of Fame inductees with the entire community.’

With construction dating back to 1908, Maitland Park Rotunda boasts a rich history, from hosting concerts to being a symbol of community gatherings. Now, it will serve as the home for our Hall of Fame inductees, elevating its importance within Maitland Park and celebrating our local luminaries.

The inductees will be commemorated at Maitland Park on Tuesday 28 May where the physical depiction will be unveiled for the first time. Due to the postponement of the 2021 ceremony due to COVID-19, 2021 inductees will be inducted with the class of 2023.

Full details on each of the 2021 and 2023 Hall of Fame recipients are provided below. For more information, visit

Jane Taylor (2021) Jane Taylor, born in Maitland in 1972, had a distinguished 20 year tennis career. Taylor became the youngest Maitland Sportsperson of the Year at age 11 in 1984 and was the top ranked NSW female tennis player for her age group. She won her first international title at 13 and accumulated 10 ITF Singles Titles and four ITF Doubles Titles.


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