• Kim-Cherie Davidson

Live Your List - Heart & Mind Combine to Help People

By accident, this Newcastle-based Zenthai Shiatsu practitioner stumbled into a modality that changed her life's course and sent her on the path to facilitate therapist training.


Sonia Brown was at the Woodford Folk Festival when she first met the movement-therapy founder Gwyn Williams. Then in Newcastle at the 2011 Bodhi Festival, she attended another partner Acro yoga class with Gwyn and was handed a flyer about a four-day immersion course.

"I fell in love with Zenthai. For me, it was fun, connecting, soulful, and challenging enough to put me on edge," Sonia said.

In 2013, she headed to Queensland to explore Zenthai Shiatsu — a combination of Zen Shiatsu energetic systems, Thai Massage, and osteopathy. This blended bodywork a